34 Sunday messages and quotes to start the week well

By: Tranoniq.com

I wish you: a sincere love, cuddly under the blanket, a day of drizzle and a lot of good humor!

When you are on vacation, Sunday is just one day.

Sunday is that bad day that I don’t want to end because if it is over, it becomes even worse.

Sunday is always a half gray day, remembers the people who left and the memories that never age.

Never complain about Sunday, because without him we would already be on Monday.

Cool Sunday only in SBT! Because in real life it is impossible!

May every second of your day be guided by the hands of God and that you have a wonderful Sunday with the people you love.

I’m just sure it’s already Sunday when Faustão begins.

Life is like Sunday, you don’t want it to start but don’t want to end up right?


How delicious to know that tomorrow is a holiday on a Sunday night!

Sunday night just with a pizza to cheer up!

the bad Sunday night is that tomorrow is already Monday!

May God bless and give us mood because Sunday is already at night!

Don’t treat like Friday night who treats you as Sunday afternoon …

and may you take longer to pass!

May your Sunday be like you: wonderful!

Glad it would be if Sunday lasted seven days!

that Sunday nostalgia that hits everything in us.

To all my friends: a beautiful Sunday and many blessings!

Have a saint Sunday, of peace, rest and joy!

May the joy and peace of Sunday end up all week. Have a blessed day!

Good Sunday night! Enjoy the time of freedom that still remains and think tomorrow only when he arrives.

Sunday is that day that even rest gives tiredness and relaxing gives mute!

On Sunday I don’t know if I cry or smile because on the one hand I can rest, but on the other the quiet is about to end.

On Sunday everything is wonderful, everything but the next day!

The weekend is a juice that deserves to be enjoyed until the last drop. Good Sunday!

Nothing is as simple and tasty as a lazy morning Sunday morning.

Resting, walking, in family or with friends, I hope your Sunday will be blessed and very happy!

The soul feels light, the heart in peace and on the lips dances a smile; It’s Sunday morning!

Even on Sunday, according to the alarm clock, but just to get the pleasure of ignoring it.

End the week in beauty and waste this Sunday’s hours as if it was not tomorrow!

With the weekend almost ending, it is best to enjoy Sunday to do what you like best!

Sunday is not over yet and I’m already missing the weekend.