34 messages and quotes of falsehood to express your disappointment

By: Tranoniq.com

The problem of disappointment is that it never comes from an enemy.

If you hesitate with the right person, the wrong teaches you how it hurts.

I thought the carnival was over, why are there still people wearing a mask?

I like people who admit the error, they say they are missing and set aside pride. I like people who know how to value what they have, who deserves it and does not pretend to be what it is not.

The worst ambition of the human being is to want to reap the fruits of what never planted.

Save me from your falsehood that I will save you from my lack of education.

In the land of fake people, who is sincere comes out as wrong.

I prefer to be broken by sincere words than deceived with comforting lies.

Falsehood is the same cheap: I’m not afraid, I am disgusted.

From time to time we need to shake the tree from friendships to fall the rotten.

Sorry, but I am allergic to false people.

Falsity is equal garbage, has everywhere.

The truth takes time, but always arrives without warning.

as true as a ballot of 3 reais.

True, please …

The worst enemy is the one who, first of all, was your best friend.

I prefer to face battles daily than live in idleness and illusion.

If lies became cash, I’ve been rich for a long time.

The ideal would be that all people knew how to love, so much that they know how to pretend.

Who doesn’t know how to do, creates lies!

Be true to yourself and not be false to others.

May God spare me all those who approach friends, but actually want to destroy me.

Want to be my friend? So be as transparent in your intentions as water.

Who doesn’t want to battle hides behind illusions.

Mark people’s lives for truth and sincerity, never for illusions!

I prefer to walk alone with my truths than accompanied by illusions.

The path of truth is unique and simple; that of falsehood, vary and infinite.

are those who believe in the existence of small lies … A lie is already something big in itself.

Friendship that is friendship begins with sincerity.

Be very careful with those who always disagree with you. And be even more careful with those who always agree with you.

Men should be what they seem or, at least, do not look like they are not.

Be true to yourself and not be false to others.

Fake is sometimes the truth upside down.

Nothing is more false than an established truth.