32 self -esteem messages and quotes for friend who show how beautiful she is

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When we have a partner, we should be present in good and bad times, advise and when necessary, give that ear tug. Also, no one better than a mate to say how beautiful she is on the inside and out. So, for you to fill your miga with compliments and support, check out the supporters of self -esteem messages and quotes for friend we selected!

Self -esteem messages and quotes for friend who emphasize their beauty from inside and outside

You are an amazing person, beautiful both inside and outside. You just have to value this!

The bravest act is to think for yourself. Aloud!

The same way you are cool to me, be with you too. Such a wonderful person, does not deserve to be mistreated.

You are a smart, brave person and owner of all my admiration.

No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.

You are my daily inspiration, friend. If I could do half of what you do, I would be very happy. If you are proud of it, because you are great!

I like your company so much, because it is great! Value this to you.

You are beautiful, no matter what they say.

Dry these tears, you are a star and can reach the sky, it’s time to focus on you.

friend, remember, you are beautiful of all the ways: outside, soul and heart.

Confidence in yourself is the first secret of success.

What is wrong with being confident?

friend, under no circumstances, think about giving up on yourself, hugging yourself with love and knowing: You are extraordinary!

The bodies of other women are not our battlefields.

If you could believe more in you and your ability … that would be my friendship request!

View your best smile, because the world just needs you to look more beautiful!

You will only be perfect when you decide to be yourself.

You look beautiful dressed in happiness, friend!

friend, you are beautiful, no matter what you think and talk about you.

Trust yourself. You know more than you think you know.

Beautiful the way it is. From the head to the foot, the way it is!

friend, fall in love with life, others, but before that, get delighted with yourself.

friend, learn to value yourself, love every detail of your body, because it is part of your being.

With or without makeup, you are beautiful!

You don’t have to hide, the world needs your light. You can do everything, friend!

Low self -esteem is like driving for life with a broken hand.

Always show your soul and heart, this is the best way to show your beauty.

friend, what makes you more beautiful is your strength and your talent.

You are brave, amazing. You will be able to win! Save these words, one day they can save you.

You don’t need colorful days, as your brightness can make all the difference. Believe me: You’re awesome!

You are more powerful than you think.

She is a warrior, a goddess, she is a real woman!

When the woman trusts her and embraces her imperfections, no one holds! She goes anywhere, even with fear. For you to praise and praise the muses of your life, come check out our Warrior Woman messages and quotes!

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