32 messages and quotes of Renato Russo to remember him with miss

By: Tranoniq.com

If you want someone to trust, trust yourself. Who always believes.

I always needed a little attention, I don’t think I know who I am, I just know what I don’t like.

While life comes and goes you try to find someone, who can one day tell you: I want to be with you.

To love is to change the soul from home.

When everything seems to go wrong happen good things that would not have happened if everything had worked.

say what they say, the evil of the century is loneliness.

Never let you tell you that it is not worth believing in the dream you have.

I want to have someone to talk to. Someone who then doesn’t use what I said against me.

Who loves does not give up, does not betray, does not lie. Who loves is patient, trusts, understands. Loving is virtue that few have.

You have to love people as if there was no tomorrow.

There was a fear and shyness. Every side you’ve never seen. Another adulterated child for the years that painting hid.

When I think of someone, I just think of you.

When you learn to love, the world becomes yours.

Even with so many reasons to leave everything as it is, neither give up nor try, now it does. We’re going home.

Remember when we came to believe it, that everything was forever, not knowing that forever, always ends.

Where are you now beyond here inside me?

Do not show your weaknesses, people have a habit of using them against you.

But of course the sun will come back tomorrow.

It’s just the love that knows what is true.

If the world is really like what I see, I prefer to believe in the world my way.

Sad thing is wanting well who can not forgive …

I got my balance by cutting insanity.

Who thinks itself is free and being free is very serious.

Will you know how much I think of you with my heart?

lying to yourself is always the worst lie.

But of course the sun will come back tomorrow again, I know.

There are people who are on the same side as you should be on the side.

Who will one day say that there is reason in things done by the heart? And who will say there is no reason?

I know that sometimes I use repeated words, but what are the words that are never said?

and your fear of being afraid, being afraid, being afraid, does not make my strength confusion.

and even without seeing you, I think I’m going well.

It’s so strange, the good ones die before, I remember you and so many people, too early.

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