30 WICCA messages and quotes that show your connection with magic

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Wicca is a religion full of parties, celebrations and rituals. He believes in magic, seasons, nature and supernatural forces. Moon phases, solstices and equinoxes are very important to their followers. If you want to know more or express the faith you already have, check out the best wicca messages and quotes!

WICCA messages and quotes that reveal your witch side and all your strength

The forces of magic accompany me and help me to overcome the difficulties of life.

The fire no longer scares us or will make us stop practicing the magic that makes us alive.

Day of energizing my crystals and connecting with what really matters. So don’t disturb!

Everything that happens in nature interferes with my life. I feel everything, I’m one with the universe and, with it, I get stronger!

Witch intuition never fails. So I always listen to mine.

Reversing the New Moon, nature, its strength and all women!

My crystals protect me, teach me, strengthen me, and renew my hope.

May I be transformation and strength where there is magic.

Wicca is more than a religion, it is understanding, it is strength, it is connection, it is liberation and understanding.

We don’t hate anyone, we don’t do evil, we just live our belief and get energized from what is good.

My altar represents who I am, fills me with strength and shows me the way I should follow.

In the letters, I find advice to live and they always make me reflect on where I want to go. Magic beyond what I can expect.

Forgive yourself for the mistakes of the past, emanate love, embrace your energies and live your magic.

Let the strength that comes within you to get rid of your fears and prejudices. Let her make you live your faith in your magic.

I was always a witch, I just took me a long time to awaken my magic.

Woman, you are the power. Be the witch you always wanted to be.

I was lost when I was trying to be someone else, when I accepted that I am a witch, that’s when I found myself.

My body is a temple of nature, I am my power, I am witch, I am who I want to be.

I am glad with the breeze of nature, with the power of the sun, with the strength of the moon.

I respect my phases because I am like the moon, movement the things around me with my strength.

The heart of a witch is full of emotions and sensations. She feels a lot and lives a lot!

My instincts talk to me and I hear them because they know what is good for me!

To be illuminated is to learn to make the choices that give you awareness and take you out of darkness.

The goddess will guide me, will teach me and will show me everything I need to know.

I trust the goddess and it strengthens me for whatever it takes.

Do not tease the witch because you will not be prepared to feel your power when she loses her patience.

My rituals make me who I am, I follow them because they feed my faith and make me stronger.

When I’m tired, I use nature and she has everything I need to get me back.

Always be a witch even when people say they think this is bad.

I dance for life at the rhythm of the wind because nature is what moves me.

All elements of nature are important in the Wicca religion, but the phases of the moon have a lot of influence on the way of living. Check out messages and quotes about the moon and pay more attention to your strength!

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