30 Vingan Vings of Vingan to remember this iconic movie

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The story of the famous masked man, known only by the code name V, which causes a true revolution by summoning his compatriots to rebel against the tyranny and oppression of the government of the totalitarian regime of England is a real world success. >

Thus, we listed to follow Vingan messages and quotes to remember the best moments of the movie. Check it out!

Vingon Vingan messages and quotes for those who love revolutions movies

The people should not be afraid of their government. The government should be afraid of its people.

Artists use the lie to reveal the truth, while politicians use the lie to hide it.

You wear a mask so much that you forget who you are.

under this mask there is more than meat. Behind this mask there is an idea. And ideas are bulletproof.

A man can die, fight, fail, even being forgotten, but his idea may change the world even over 400 years.

There is no coincidence, only the illusion of a coincidence.

Our duty is to give the news. Manufacturing them is government work.

Force through union and union through faith.

You can’t kiss an idea, you can’t touch it or hug it, ideas don’t bleed, they don’t feel pain, they don’t love it.

There is no certainty, just opportunities.

Like many of you, I also appreciate the comforts of daily routine, the safety of what is familiar, the tranquility of the repetitive.

and the story, ladies and gentlemen, is that good beats and the bad ones lose.

Equality, justice and freedom are more than words, they are perspectives.

While acts are used in place of dialogue, words will always have their power.

theft implies property and you can’t steal from the government, let’s say I only recovered what was ours.

Fear became the main weapon of this government.

Hate taught me how to eat, sleep, to breathe. Built my world! And it was all that I had running through the veins.

I dedicate this concert to Madame Justice that has long taken a vacation from this country and in recognition of the impostor who took his place.

Your pumps do not kill our hunger, but feed our misfortune.

I didn’t question your observation powers, I just emphasized the paradox of asking a masked who he is.

You have bullets and the hope that when they are over I are no longer standing, because if you are, they will be dead before they can recharge.

The country does not need a building, but hope.

A building is a symbol, as is the act of destroying it. People give the symbols power. Alone a symbol has no meaning. But with enough people, exploding a building can change the world.

Anarchy boasts two faces: destroyers and creators. The destroyers drop empires and with the wreckage the creators raise better worlds.

The noise is relative to the silence that precedes it. The more absolute to stillness, the more devastating the palms.

What they did to me created me. It is a basic principle of the universe that every action creates an equal and opposite reaction!

One should not count on the silent minority, for silence is something fragile. A high noise and it’s all over.

A revolution is not worth it without a dance.

disdaining the fortune and brave its steaming sword in its bloody Sanha.

The people are frightened and too disorganized. Some had the opportunity to protest, but they were like voices shouting in the desert.

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