30 Tumblr sung messages and quotes that show their interest in crush

By: Tranoniq.com

If you are in the mood for that person and think they are too sand for your truck, express your feelings. All you need is to open the heart! So to help you in your flirtation, we selected a list of tumblr singing messages and quotes full of affection and fun. Come check it out, will it glue, right?

Tumblr sung messages and quotes for you to conquer your mozaum

If beauty were flower, you would be a botanical garden.

If you were a song, you would be the one that doesn’t leave my head.

You are not Monalisa, but it is a work of art.

If the stars were as beautiful as you, I would spend the nights in course.

My heart always overturns at the curve of your smile.

You are the first wonder of my world.

I’m not Parati, but I’m for you.

I’m not Mega Sena, but I can change your life.

Do you know which sign mine suits? With yours!

You’re not in the DC movie, but it’s my Wonder Woman.

calls me periodic table and says it is rolling a chemistry between us.

You are not sport, but they are spectacular.

You are not Death Note, but you hit my heart in 40 seconds.

calls me a weather forecast and says a mood is rolling between us.

If black were passion and white were affection, what I feel for you would be checked.

See that guy there? Yeah, he’s asking if you want to be with me.

lends me a picture of you to show Santa Claus what I want as a gift!

I’m not m², but I’m in the area.

If I want to be my star, I promise to be heaven.

I got sick of me, do you want?

I would be able to pass the address of your home so I know the right direction I should take in my life?

I need a helmet to protect myself from what I have for you.

Let’s go to the notary to pass my heart to your name.

calls me Netflix and come update the series of kisses.

Do you have a map? Because I just lost myself in the shine of your eyes.

give me your twitter, because I need to follow my dream.

Is your name a lie? Because you are too beautiful to be true!

I changed plan, now he is you.

I’m an atheist… atheudopi!

I bet a kiss that you will give me one.

Who doesn’t try, can’t! So keep throwing your charm to your crush with our best cute singing messages and quotes and melt the hearts you like!

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