30 Supernatural messages and quotes for those who are fan of the Winchester brothers

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How not to love the adventures of the Winchester brothers? The Supernatural series, launched in 2005, tells the story of Sam and Dean, two not similar brothers who hunt monsters together. During the mysterious “work”, they need to deal with various challenges and dangers that the mystical world put them.

The series, which already has over 10 years of exhibition, has won a legion of fans. The main characters enchant anyone, each with its own unique charisma. Sam and Dean have been making a lot of people have fun, cry and hold their breath with the mysteries of the series.

Therefore, we have selected a list only with the best supernatural messages and quotes for you to remember all the remarkable moments of the show. Check it out and feel the nostalgia of what happened in these 14 seasons!

Supernatural messages and quotes to enjoy the best moments

Revenge is worth nothing if we die.

If it is to have faith, you cannot have it only when miracles occur. We must have it when they do not occur.

hunting demons, killing monsters and vampires. You know, family business …

But respect my loneliness, she also had to accept this boring and sad part about me.

I would give anything not to say, but sometimes nightmares are real.

Your lack of faith does not cancel what I believe.

It’s hard to wait for something that may never happen, but it’s much harder to give up when this is all you want.

Life is too short for hatred.

No doubt, final are difficult. But on the other hand, nothing really ends.

Do you know what you get when you show the truth to the world? A strength shirt or a punch in the face. Sometimes both.

It’s not because you injured in the war that you are no longer a soldier.

Stop trying to fight with reality. You will only get hurt.

Sometimes you have to do what is best for you, even if it hurts those you love.

People cry not because they are weak, but because they are strong for a long time.

Just because you are from the same blood doesn’t make you family. You have to deserve it!

It must be great to finally find someone to trust after so many years.

bad days are necessary for good days to be worthwhile.

People don’t want the truth, just wait for good news.

Destination cannot be changed. There are several paths, but they all take it to the same place.

Saying and doing are very different things.

It is impossible not to cry when something you can not replace.

Food may be bad and bed can be hard, but we live our life and anyone else’s.

Once you play darkness, they never leave.

Strange is that you wake up every day with the desire to change your life, and in the end ending the same shit as always.

I made some mistakes, but I always did the best I could.

I know it’s unfair. But there is a natural way of things happen, they simply have to happen, it is a chain reaction, if it does not happen as it should happen, there is an imbalance.

I saw people leave from my life, and that was not easy to overcome.

Sometimes it is not easy to see things as they are.

Sometimes someone’s gift is to take care of others.

You never give up on the family. Never.

During the series, the connection and love that exists between the Winchester brothers is very clear. There are disagreements but affection always reigns and, in the end, they are inseparable! Do you have a brother or someone with which one has this connection? Then check out this list of messages and quotes for siblings we selected!

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