30 Soy messages and quotes to think about life

By: Tranoniq.com

The past does not have to be your future.

play loving, but never love joking.

Do you dream? And when you dream, you wake up speaking my name?

It’s my freedom, they can’t get it from me!

I will strive until the end of my days.

Unless you are prepared for your own judgment, do nothing before judging yourself.

I’ll be with you even when you are.

I’m lucky to breathe, I’m lucky to feel, I’m happy to wake up, I’m happy to be here.

I never stop giving good vibrations… I never give up on the truth.

All I have learned is all I take with me.

So I want you, knowing that you are leaving…

and when this dance is over, you and I are still the only ones.

I don’t defend the whites, and I don’t defend the blacks. I defend the truth, the rights and all this.

The feeling of losing someone gradually is terrible.

get up and find your own way or feel and wait and wait.

Everything you say, becomes the things you do. Remember that what you put outside builds you!

I don’t feel bad to be admitting the truth, because honesty is my politics.

Raise your heart here and walk your head up.

Everything changes, nothing remains the same and if you feel embarrassed, you might change it before it’s too late.

You think I’m alone, but everyone is around me.

Everything you say is significant, so speak your truth, be witty.

I act as if I had left her, but the truth is that I beg, I beg her to stay.

What do we really need in this life? Sometimes I look at myself, and that’s not right.

Stay focused on the truth with meditation and prayer, Jah will show that you can go anywhere.

Follow your vision blindly or just become someone’s vision.

True love is the only thing that will last forever.

No matter what you do, I believe, everything will come back to you.

What a big world and I am happy to be in it. We have a purpose and I’m starting to understand and I won’t stop until I die.

Like the feeling of all stations changing, love is a memory and in these last days, when iniquity burns, true love speaks.

I appreciate the chance to live.

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