30 short self-esteem messages and quotes to cultivate self-love

By: Tranoniq.com

We are our greatest treasure, we are the ones who know of our needs and dreams. To honor this immensity of life and beauty who lives within each one, we brought these inspiring texts so you can share! Check out these beautiful shorts of self-esteem and think about the importance of respecting, loving yourself and putting yourself as a priority in life.

Short Self -esteem messages and quotes to remember the amazing person who is

Know how to admire you what you admire in others.

The secret is not to run after the butterflies … is to take care of the garden so that they come to you.

Remember who you are and no one can delete it.

Understanding that we owe nothing to anyone is a big step to be happy.

Yourself, just like anyone in every universe, deserves love and affection.

I am the captain of my soul.

love yourself before you dedicate yourself to the other.

If you need someone to trust, trust yourself.

All my smiles were more sincere after I loved myself.

Do not let negative thoughts take over the amazing person who is.

In a bouquet, each flower has its own beauty and none nullifies. Love yourself as you are.

Be your own reason to laugh and be happy.

The smile of someone full of self-love is the most radiant of all.

I was born to satisfy my great need from myself.

Bad days will come, as are the cries, the fears and defeats. It is loving that you will face all this.

It was starting to love me, that the whole world was enchanted.

Never blame yourself for loving yourself too much.

Learning one’s own limitations and respecting your time are the ways of a complete life.

Prioritize you first of all. You are the main part of your life.

Accept you, embrace who you are and allow yourself to live without the weight of wanting to be something else.

Each one has within the power and beauty of life.

self-esteem is like a sun after a storm.

To love yourself, the first step is to forgive.

self-esteem is a slow and daily process, but each day brings a new joy.

Only love is stronger than any pain. Mainly the.

When we love each other, we take our own happiness out of the hand of others.

self-esteem is the greatest manifestation of ourselves.

You are unique in every universe. Love this special person that is.

Understand your limits, know how to respect them as well as exceed them.

You have a unique beauty within you. Love it and value it.

Within the infinity of the universe, we are unique and unforgettable. Read Our self-love messages and quotes for you to like more and more.

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