30 short messages and quotes for deceased mother full of longing and memories

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Even if your queen is no longer by her side, always have the best memories of the amazing woman in her heart and everything she taught you during her life. The selection of short messages and quotes for deceased mother below will help you describe your longing for your greatest reference and inspiration. Check it out and share this tribute.

Short messages and quotes for deceased mother who show that she is eternal in her heart

I keep your affection, your words and your immense love in memory. I miss you, mother!

Mother, even at the happiest moments, your absence is present and I remember how good it would be to have you by my side. I love you forever!

Mother, you missed homesickness. Nothing was more valuable than the comfort of your hug.

Mom, you left and left with me your heart.

Mother, I would give everything to hold your hand again, hug you and say how much I love you.

Spend the time you pass, I will remember you forever, mother. You are my daily longing.

Mother, you are the best gift the sky could receive.

In my heart, it will always be as if you have not left. I love you, my queen.

I will never forget every time your hands held mine. You were my fortress, mom!

Mother, our separation is only physical. Our souls are linked by love.

My heart still hurts I miss you every time I think of you, mother. My queen, my eternal love!

Mother, it’s impossible to forget the amazing person you went. I will miss eternal.

You will be my heroine forever, and the representation of the most perfect love I’ve ever received. I love you, my mother.

Mother, since you are gone, my world has lost all the happiness.

dear mother, since you left, my heart has filled with a longing that seems to have no end.

More than a good friend or great woman, you were a wonderful mother. I will love you forever.

I just wanted you to know all the lack that makes me. If I could go back in time, I would enjoy your company much better, mom!

Mother, knowing that I will no longer have your hugs or your kisses cause me an endless sadness.

Waking up and falling asleep without your company has been a daily challenge. I miss you, your love and your advice, mom.

My mother, my longing. Everything I am today was thanks to you.

Mom, I miss your warm lap and your protective hug. I will never forget you.

Mother, with your departure, our family is shattered. You were the best part of us all.

I was very lucky to have a mother like you. Look at me from above.

I ask God to keep you in a good place and thank the heavens for having your affection. Even from afar, I still feel your wonderful love, mother!

Mother, you were the light that guided me for life. Now it’s the angel who looks at me from above. I love you infinitely.

Mother, even if you are no longer with me, my biggest goal is still to follow your teachings. I hope you are proud of me from heaven!

You went too early, mother. But one day we will be side by side again. I love you, my queen!

Mother, I love you and I will love you forever. Today the longing tightens, but I will always take your example with me.

Mom, even if you are distant, I feel your presence in my life every day. Missing hurts, but I know we will meet again in eternal life.

It is not easy to live without your love and your affection. What comforts me is knowing that now you are in a much better place, mom.

photos are valuable memories in moments of longing. Thinking about it, check out these photo subtitles with mother and share the records with your queen.

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