30 sentences of epicteto that bring virtuous lessons

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Epicteto was born in 55 AD in Heliópolis. For many years, he was a slave to Epaphroditus and studied philosophy with the Stoic philosopher Musnô Rufo. His great passion was in questioning the existence in search of happiness. According to his stoic thinking, virtue is the greatest wealth a person can have. Check out the epicteto messages and quotes and get inspired!

Epicteto messages and quotes that express the art of living well

Only education releases.

The wise man is the one who does not sadden the things he does not have, but rejoice with those who have.

desire and happiness cannot live together.

Try to clean the bowl before throwing it whatever; I mean, before preaching virtue, reform your customs.

nothing great is created suddenly.

They are said to be evil of you on the basis, correct you; otherwise, throw you to laugh.

Do you want to stop belonging to the number of slaves? Breaks your chains and eliminates from you all fear and all despite.

If you can’t talk about a person well, it is better not to say anything.

If the problem has a solution we should not worry about it. And if it has no solution, it is no use worrying.

It is the difficulties that men show.

As well as there is a good to speak art, there is an art of well listening.

Anyone who can irritate you become your master; She can irritate you only when you allow yourself to be disturbed by her.

Men are moved and disturbed not by things, but by their opinions.

Strengthen yourself with contentment, as this is an impregnable fortress.

The most severe and frequent evils are those that imagination makes us feed.

rare pleasures are the ones that delight us the most.

Excessive anger engenders madness.

Only the cultured man is free.

First learn the meaning of what you say, and then speak.

is not champion without sweating.

philosophizing is this: to examine and thin the criteria.

Success is finding what is intended to be and then do what is needed for it.

An adulator looks like a friend, as a wolf looks like a dog. Take care, in not admitting inadvertently, in your house, hungry wolves instead of guard dogs.

Moral progress is not a natural privilege of the elites nor is it acquired by chance or lucky, but through the work of oneself – daily.

Do not seek happiness away, but within you, otherwise you will never find it.

anywhere someone is against your will is, for this someone, a prison.

The soul is reluctant to be deprived of truth.

Prudence is the most valuable of all goods.

In prosperity it is very easy to find friends, in adversity there is nothing more difficult.

If you want to improve, be happy to be considered as an imbecile.

Now just practice these beautiful teachings! To continue to be inspired by Stoic Wisdom, also check out our stoicism messages and quotes that marked the story.

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