30 sentences of dry bush to enjoy the best of national reggae

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Mato Seco is a Brazilian band of reggae, which was born in 2002, graduated in São Caetano (SP) by childhood friends. With poetic letters, full of positive energy and peace messages, the group does not hide its political position and makes a point of producing a sound of resistance. Check out the Seco Mato messages and quotes and share this contagious sound of good.

Dry bush messages and quotes for those who love a sound of resistance

The direction that the wind will change.

We need to learn to accept what life gives us. Sometimes we lose here to win there.

As a free bird, I know which side I should fly.

You have what you are on the earth. Be an instrument for peace and not for war.

Tomorrow will be better a new day will come. Fight for the good that the light will not go out.

Be light and be bright for those who are worse or not. Our strength grows in difficulties as well and our light with the extend of the hand.

If rain is purification, then let it wet.

Resistance is to overcome and see the positive, always in the best way.

But your destination is you who do, know what to plant to harvest.

Everything has your time to happen and hurrying is worth nothing.

I want to be like the sun that does not overshadow under the smoke of war and makes it reborn, I will make myself reborn and in every new dawn make me bigger.

Live your life like that, like a free bird to fly. Think just focus on your way, because if you lose the hard to be back.

fly, fly, fly and go far, O thought, go away to seek what I’m looking for.

You will never find the way of light in darkness. Your words have to put them into action.

The fight is arduous I know, but the victory is certain. We have to join, we have to be stronger together.

opens the window and lets the sun come in, open your heart and let JAH reign.

Great, the warrior who comes out of war with his clean sword, for nothing is worth the blood like this, shed in vain. Open your heart.

Peace with war is not sought, it is not reached in light by darkness.

For those who have good, evil is nothing. For what has love and faith in the Father of Life, evil is nothing.

a relief to know, what I want for myself. I’m sad to see, those who don’t think so.

I will grow up with what I know. Make yesterday’s error, the hit of tomorrow.

Do not be discouraged, brother, for if there is time for the fall, there is also time to get up, the time of ascension.

We have to think about changing and healing this sick world.

Our actions are directly linked to the Father. If you hurt someone, you do it too.

poverty silences prayers, feeds illusions, strengthens the worst.

carnage for money, expensive interests that cost an entire country. Why do you treat us like this?

I am the resistance. Everything that moves against the system.

We only see what we want and not always accept the best for interest and not for love.

When I give the world the most, but I can wait, because the world wants nothing for me.

Emanates your positive vibrations to life. From strength to good and not evil. And do not become an illusion navigator.

dry bush is the sound of hope! Also check out the reggae messages and quotes and continue to get involved in peace and love.

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