30 Riverdale messages and quotes for those who love a mystery

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You may have heard of Riverdale, the darling series of the moment. The show narrates the daily life of a group of teenagers from the city of Riverdale, who decide to investigate in depth what is behind the death of one of his colleagues. While trying to unravel the mystery, they get involved in intrigue, passions and problems, all the good old teen drama.

The series was released in 2017 it is impossible not to be glazed on the screen with its captivating characters and its mysterious narrative. If you are a fan of the series, you know we are talking and this post is for you!

So open the netflix, take the popcorn and come check out this selection with the best riverdale messages and quotes we made for you. Share with more fans of the series and good marathon!

messages and quotes that will make you fall in love with Riverdale

Grana lubricates the gear of justice.

Love is limited. Sooner or later people get away from it, stop loving you or start loving someone else. In one day, the sun shines in you, the next, you are alone and it is cold and dark.

I know a trap when I hear one.

Let’s say there are things in me against which I fight.

Hope: such a familiar and so complicated word.

What makes us feel at home? Is it heat and familiarity? An idealized and fantasy television version of the American dream? Is it love and acceptance? Or the simple security?

Sometimes defending yourself is not enough. You need to attack.

There is no reason to open old wounds that have already healed.

I never cry with movies. Real life is already tragic enough.

Don’t understand me badly, I love a show.

I live in the real world. I see what needs to be done and do.

A fact about snakes: If you don’t step on them, they will have no reason to bite.

Want you believe in order or chaos, in the end, it’s the same thing.

When it looks like it’s okay, something terrible happens.

When it comes to protecting you or your relatives, you never hesitate.

I don’t follow rules, I make them and, if necessary, I break them.

If you haven’t noticed, I’m strange. Weird. I don’t fit myself, I don’t even want to.

Perhaps the reason we feel we hide things and secrets is because you hide.

It’s more fun to be friends with deadly enemies.

No one is what they say they are. In real life, what you see is what you get.

Sometimes, the bandage must be pulled out. Or you can try to get things right.

I identify as a lone wolf, not a pack.

It’s a crazy time, we do what we think is correct.

Then go ahead. Scream with me and try to get away, but I won’t go anywhere.

Since when you call what they think?

We are in control of our lives or simply think we are.

I keep destroying things, welcome to my life.

I want to be where things happen.

Something is very, very wrong with me. As if there was something obscure in me, which is sometimes unbearable and I don’t know where it comes from.

Things will change for the better. You will see.

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