30 Prayer messages and quotes to Sleep Full of Blessings and Divine Protection

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A simple prayer has immense power over anyone, isn’t it? Nothing better than starting a good night with God’s blessings and protections. For this, the tip is to check out these prayer messages and quotes to sleep that will help you have a quieter sleep and in the presence of the Lord!

Sleeping prayer messages and quotes that will make you relax and have a blessed night

Thank you, my God, for the night that comes and for the day that ends. It teaches me every day to rest in you and embrace the waiting of the best you have for me. Amen!

God, the Lord is present at all times of my day, even in my dreams. So, illuminate my night and bless my sleep!

God, take care of the sleep of all those I love: my family and friends. May they have a quiet and peaceful night.

May the silence of the night bring you peace, may the noise of the wind pack your sleep and the mystery of heaven make you a creature protected by the angels.

My God, that everything is full of blessings that night. That I sleep in peace and in the serene presence of you!

Magazine, Lord, my night with the certainty of your presence, my dreams with your peace and my life with your love.

Father, I give you all my being, restore me, strengthen me. Grant me a night of peace in your sweet presence. Amen!

Lord, one more day that ends with your blessing and grace. And may it be no different tonight: May you illuminate my sleep and all those I love.

May the angels of the Lord visit me throughout this night and cover me with their blessings and protections. Amen!

Thank you, my God, for another day of life. May this night be quiet and my dreams guided by you. Amen!

That I sleep with the blessing of God, the protection of all angels and the wrapped in the sacred cloak of Mary!

May the Holy Spirit fire my house of love and bring the divine light to illuminate the mind that night. May my sleep be heated by his presence.

Father, accompany your angels around my house and do not allow any harm to enter my home. May the Holy Spirit be here tonight and always. Amen!

Thank you, Lord, for the opportunity for another day of life. And that this night, I sleep full of your love and affection. Amen!

Cover, Lord, my night with your cloak of love. Renew my hopes and dreams and always guide me in your way. Amen!

With the Lord I lie down, with the Lord I get up, in the grace of God and the Divine Holy Spirit. And let Our Lady cover me with your divine cloak. Amen!

God, I give your hands my sleep and my spirit in your hands. Guide me by the Valley of Dreams and show me all your love throughout this night!

He warms, Lord, my night. Reassure my dreams and show me the true peace that comes from you!

Lord, cover with blessings all those who do not have a roof to sleep. Take care of your children who are in the open that night. Amen!

Lord, may the light of your love be felt in the sleep of all those who expect and trust you. Amen!

Lord, take comfort to all the hearts they are suffering that night. May these people have a peace sleep and full of their love.

God, this night that begins, take care of those that are far from me. May they have a good night’s sleep and an amazing day the next morning. Amen!

God, guide my sleep so that he may be serene in your presence and love. May my night be quiet, but full of your light!

Thank you, my God, for all the wonders the Lord does in my life. May I rest in you tonight and have a blessed sleep!

Lord, thanks for the opportunities I had throughout that day. May my night be calm, quiet and that I find rest in my sleep!

Another night comes and one day it ends. One more day God sustains us and leads us to His ways. May I and I all my family sleep on the blessing and protection of you, Lord. Amen!

Father, protect the night of all the people I love. That they sleep with their love and about their protection!

May the angels of the Lord guide your night and give you the most beautiful dreams. Good night and sleep with God!

Lord, comfort my heart and show me all that I need to see that night. May my dreams be guided by you and only by you! Amen.

Father, may this be a night of deserved rest. May my dreams be quiet and with your presence!

Always thank you for the day and ask for the night that begins, for God hears welcomes all your children! Enjoy and check out these good night messages and quotes blessed.

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