30 Perfect Vaquejada messages and quotes To Pack a Good Cowboy

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As a very striking cultural activity of the northeast of Brazil, the cowboy has already taken all Brazil! This lifestyle is not limited to sports, currently being the whole backlands. In this sense, if you identify yourself and want to exalt the good cowboys, check out cowboy messages and quotes!

Vaquejada messages and quotes that carry the beauty of this lifestyle

When we are two cowboys looking at that ox, nothing more matters!

The angry cattle almost knocks the cowboy, but it persists!

There is a lot of beauty in the cowgirl, the backlands of the backlands find no difficulty seeing it.

Vaquejada runs in the blood, not fashion, it’s culture!

No matter how many oxen do the cattle, it is the heart that makes the cattle!

boot on the foot and crooked in thought!

Vaquejada is part of the backlands, no one takes it from it!

The cattle comes with many, the cattle comes with God!

With the cowgirl, I learned to be a real man!

Here in the Northeast is talked about cowboy and the whole people get excited! This is how it should be.

Vaquejada is a true blessing in the difficult days of the people of the backlands.

A good vaquejada awakens the best inside us!

Heart cowboy does not deny the chance to get into a cowgirl.

The ride is dictated by the rhythm where the knight’s heart beats.

So it is crooked, so it is my backlands.

The vaquejada moves the whole body, but mainly with the heart.

riding is like giving the heart to the works of God, seeing in creation the beauty!

The weekend has come, I’ll go to vaquejada!

Vaquejada with calm ox makes no sense, we really like it is the fight!

good cowboy holds on the cow not only with your hands, but with the whole body!

รด beautiful meek cow, has in place of the rattle a beautiful tape loop!

Who lives in the backlands is a warrior, starting with Vaquejada.

The backlands is too beautiful, the cowgirl is the perfect complement.

I’m going to cow and I will take you to see cattle fall and my horse run.

Vaquejada is more than a sport, it is a state of mind!

Not only of cowboy lives the cowboy, but it could …

cowboy, call the treadmill to fall into the lugaceira.

good cattle not refusing to cow it.

In the package of the vaquejada, there is a good cowboy.

I’m northeastern cowboy, pulling ox is my destination. I am the king of the vaquejada, I pull ox from a boy.

Exalting the backlands can become practical. After all, much is to be exalted! Also check out the farm messages and quotes to demonstrate love for life in the field and the country style!

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