30 Ogum messages and quotes to celebrate this strength full of strength

By: Tranoniq.com

A represented by the icon of a warrior, Ogum is one of the best known orishas of Umbanda. Related to war and fire, he is always ready to help those who seek him. If you have faith in this powerful orisha, then the tip is to check out these ogum quotes and share with those who need blessings.

Ogum quotes for those linked to this powerful orisha

my father Ogum, protect me from the wrath and treacherous language of the human being.

Path Ogum opens no one closes.

He is a knight of Aruanda, a demand winner. He is my father Ogum.

If I got here it was because my father Ogum didn’t give up on me.

For today, I only ask for two things to my father Ogum: May he show me the best way and that I have a lot of health to enjoy it.

A work that requires routine will make an Ogum son an out of mind and bitter.

When Ogum is in control, everything that comes against us loses direction.

ogum, a brave warrior who takes care of the people who suffer too much.

Ogum is a sea of ​​hope that brings allowance to my heart.

Ogum, which shook the stars, which shook the sands and waves of the sea. Ogum is good time, opens my ways, firm this congá.

My sword is faith, my way is Ogum.

ogum for me, ogum for you, ogum for us.

Not sorry what you have lost. Battle for what you can achieve. May Ogum be with me with every difficulty!

I start my day by praying the father ogum blessing and protection.

Ogum’s son does not lose a battle.

There are no currents that imprison an Ogum son.

Today is the day to thank Father Ogum for open paths!

Ogum, winner of demands, don’t let your child fall.

I have a powerful patron saint who is my father Ogum.

That Father Ogum be for me at all times in my life, getting up when I fall and celebrating with me my victories.

All my strength comes from Ogun and that is why nothing fear.

The world may be against me, but if Ogum is leading my way, I know I can face anything.

Ogum is my father, my strength and my guide. Everything I can be thanks to him.

Ogum gives us strength today and always. May he open the way through adversity!

I’m strong, I’m a warrior. I am the son of Ogum and I can!

I don’t double in the face of difficulties, because Ogum is my father and my guide.

When I was lost, it was Ogum who found me and gave me the strength to continue. I owe him all my life.

Ogum is my light and my sword. It tracks the difficult paths and leads me to the best.

Father Ogum, that you are always by my side, to guide me and strengthen in the face of life’s difficulties.

Today I thank Ogum, because it was he who brought me safely so far and did not let me succumb to the trials of the world.

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