30 Mourning messages and quotes for status that bring comfort to your heart

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Losing someone dear is very painful. No one is ever prepared for this definitive goodbye and to learn to follow with this missing piece, but it is important to continue, to say goodbye and honor the memory of those who are gone. For this, check out mourning messages and quotes for status that will bring comfort to your days and record the size of your longing!

Mourning messages and quotes for status that express how you are feeling

Life lost its grace because it was you who made me smile. Mourning!

The days go slower and hurts even not to have you here anymore. How I wanted to talk to you and tell you how much you miss.

My heart is sad and mourning because I lost you. One day, we will meet again and recover the time we lost.

It’s hard, but I will try to follow because you would like it to be that way. Rest in peace!

I only ask God to teach me to live without you because I myself, I don’t know how to do it alone.

longing seems to get bigger and memories are the only thing that comforts me because I know that I took advantage of your company in this life.

You can finally rest after fighting like a brave warrior. I will miss you here!

Our plans were postponed to the next life because you left without we could do them. Mourning!

You who have always been a presence became my most painful longing. Rest in peace!

I knew I would hurt to say goodbye, but I had no idea how much. Rest in peace!

I promise to look at the sky and look for you every day because I know you will be the brightest star. Mourning!

I am attached to the memory that where you have been, there is no pain or anguish anymore. The longing for you only grow.

My heart is mourning for the loss of a person I love too much. May God receive you with open arms!

Instead, a longing has sprouted that it gets bigger every day. She doesn’t replace you, but don’t let me forget you.

Unfortunately, the saddest goodbye was what I just gave you because you can’t answer. Mourning!

An angel now looks at me from heaven. When you need you, I know you’ll take care of me. Mourning!

You failed me when you said it would be eternal and left anyway. As it hurts not to have you here!

Life is unfair and separates people who love each other. The good that has done itself will never go out. Rest in peace and make sure I will never forget you.

I will never forget what we live together and how important you were to me. Mourning!

The longest trip of all came to you who had to leave everything behind, including my love. Grief! One day we will be together again. Prepare my place.

I know that life has an end, but I have not prepared for its end. I will always love you!

I will keep the good memories to feel alive in my heart. Go in peace!

where I look, I still see you. You marked everything here and I will never forget you. Mourning!

Suddenly life has been gray and hard. It was you who gave color to my days. I will miss you forever!

You will shine in the sky as much as you shone here and illuminated my life. The longing will be eternal!

I’m waiting for the day that we will meet again to give that hug that makes me so well. See you soon, honey! Mourning.

May God receive you and take all your pain. You deserve to rest with your Father. Until eternity, brother!

Your departure has left a void that will never be filled. It will always be your space in my life. Rest in peace!

Your fight is over and you won because you earned life and eternal rest. I will miss you so much!

I would do everything to have you by my side forever. But that was not God’s plan. You will always be alive in my heart!

You can go on with your life and restructure after this loss! When the heart squeezes, see messages and quotes of missing those who died and honor the memory of those who left!

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