30 Mesversal messages and quotes to celebrate the life of the small

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A baby is a source of joy for any dad and mom, isn’t it? Nothing better than celebrating the life of this little light full of light with each passing month. To celebrate this special date, how about taking a look at these messages and quotes of mesversal? These are breathtaking messages and happiness votes to mark this special moment!

messages and quotes of Mesversal Full of excitement to commemorate the baby’s life

Today is the day to celebrate and thank God for another month of health. How much joy is having you in our lives, my love!

There is no greater joy than being able to see a child is more beautiful, smart and healthy with each passing month.

It is so delicious to celebrate someone’s first months of life. Today is the birthday of a small blessed being. May you have a beautiful day, full of love and peace in your little heart!

With each passing month, I am more in love with you and your development!

Son, even so small, you are the light that illuminates my way. I love you so much and I want to keep you seeing you grow every month like this: beautiful and full of life!

Every month is reason to celebrate your life, son, for you are a being of light that brought joy and unconditional love to all of us!

My love, you are my little angel and be able to celebrate your life, health and joy with each passing month is my greatest happiness!

Today my love makes another month of life. And our heart is filled with joy, with such happiness to see its growth, its phases and its smile.

Can you believe it? You complete another month of life today. What a beautiful thing is to have such a wonderful being that I generated and now has life!

With each passing month, you get smarter, cheerful and healthy. How do I love you, my baby!

Every day is the day to celebrate your life, but today is a special date marking how much our life has changed for the best: Happy Mesive!

My heart overflows with love with each passing month and I can celebrate your life, my baby!

my son, the greatest gift God could give me is completing another month of much cuteness and love.

Today is a special day, as you complete another month of life and with much health and joy. I love you, my baby!

God was so kind to me in making you my son. With each mesversary, he reminds me how blessed I am.

My beloved baby! How good to see you grow with each passing day. May this mesversary be happy just like you!

Gratitude to the universe for having such a wonderful child as you! May this mesversio be full of good things in your life!

My baby is growing so fast! Soon, it will soon be a big boy and full of health, a sign of hope wherever it is!

Another month is going on and I have the blessing of being able to celebrate your life, my love! That you grow in health and a lot of light.

You get smarter with each passing day. How good it is to follow your evolution! Know that I will always be here for you, my baby!

My life had no sense before its arrival. There is no joy more than celebrating your mesversaries!

My life has changed completely after you arrived! With each passing month I am happier and more full of love. I love you, my daughter!

You have filled our lives with joys, giggles and many diapers. I love you, my son! Happy Mesversary.

I love everything you brought to my life, son! Even sleepless nights. And in this mesversal I wish you all the good things in this world!

You are the most precious and beautiful baby in this world. Happy Mesive, I love you so much!

Lucky for my being able to call child the cutest baby in this world. I love you and happy mesversary, my love!

I’m owl mom proudly! And I celebrate every achievement and new stage of my son, like this mesversary full of love and blessings.

Each new month of your life is an achievement, because you are a warrior, son!

God, bless my baby in all phases and new cycles of your life! That next month can come with much health, love and small achievements.

You are the most precious good of my life, son. In this messe, I wish you all the best and better!

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