30 messages and quotes of verses for young people who teach about their faith

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In youth, you are starting to walk your way with your own legs. Therefore, it is so important to receive valuable advice that help you guide your steps. God’s Word is essential to living this phase and approaching the Lord. Check out messages and quotes of verses for young people and understand what God has for your life!

messages and quotes of verses for young people who instruct you in the ways of the Lord

For you are my hope, Lord God; You are my confidence from my youth.

Listen to you, my son, and be wise, and direct your heart on the way. Do not be among the wine drunkards, nor between the meat centers.

Similarly young people, thirst subject to the elders; and thirst all subjects to each other, and coat of humility, because God resists the superb, but gives grace to the humble.

Listen to your father, who generated him; Do not despise your mother when she gets older.

children, I wrote to you because they know the Father. Parents, I wrote to you because they know the one who is from the beginning. Young people, I wrote to you, because they are strong, and in you the Word of God remains, and you have won the evil one.

Young people will get tired and shake, and the boys will surely fall. But those who await the Lord will renew their strengths, will rise with wings as eagles; They will run, and will not tire; They will walk, and will not stick.

Even the child will make known by his actions, if his work is pure and straight.

No one despises you for being young, but be an example for the faithful in the word, procedure, love, faith and purity.

The beauty of young people is in their strength; The glory of the elderly, in their white hair.

How can the young man keep his conduct pure? Living according to your word.

young men and girls, old and children. Praise all the name of the Lord, for only His name is exalted; Your Majesty is above Earth and Heaven.

Even adolescents may exhaust themselves, and robust young people can stamp, but those who count on the Lord renew their strength; He gives them eagle wings. Run without tiring, go forward without sticking.

Better is a poor and wise young man than an elderly and foolish king, who no longer accepted rebuke.

Didn’t I have ordered you? Be strong and brave! Do not be terrified or discouraged, for the Lord, your God, will be with you where you walk.

It is good that the man supports the yoke while he is young.

Encourage young people to be prudent. In everything you are an example for them, doing good works.

carefully watches the young woman who does not retract to men, so that she does not get lost, finding occasion.

I was young and now I am old, but I have never seen the righteous helpless, nor your children begging the bread.

So leave the wrath of your heart, and remove evil from your flesh, because adolescence and youth are vanity.

I wrote, young people, because you are strong, and the Word of God remains in you, and you have already won the evil one.

The Lord, however, said to me, “Do not say that it is very young. To everyone to whom I send you you will and will say anything I command you. ”

I kept your word in my heart not to sin against you.

and after that I will pour out of my spirit over all peoples. Your children and their daughters will prophesy, the old ones will have dreams, young people will have visions.

Rejoice, young, in your youth! Be your heart happy in the days of your youth! Follow where your heart send, how far your view reaches; But know that for all these things God will bring you to judgment.

you, children, thirst obedient to your parents in the Lord, because this is just.

Also remember your creator in the days of your youth, before the bad days come, and come the years of which you have to say: I have no contentment in them.

Before forming it in the womb I chose it; Before you are born, I separated you and designated it prophet to the nations.

Honor Your Father and Your Mother, who is the first commandment with promise. So that you go well, and live a long time on the earth.

To these four young God has given wisdom and intelligence to know all aspects of culture and science. And Daniel, besides, knew how to interpret all kinds of visions and dreams.

So, whether you eat, or drink or do anything else, do everything to the glory of God.

May you feel the Lord touch your heart and talk to you. And to continue approaching your father, see messages and quotes for young Christians who are full of special advice for you!

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