30 messages and quotes of unshakable faith for you to keep your strength in God

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The world has adversities, fears and anguish daily. It is at these times that the strength seems to go, leaving only that bad feeling that things are much heavier. However, if you have God as your center, he will never let you fall. Read these messages and quotes of unshakable faith and remember that you are never alone!

messages and quotes of unshakable faith so you do not lose hope and focus on the Lord

God is my shield, my sword and the Lord of my unshakable faith!

The unshakable faith I have today was built with time walking alongside Jesus, who never let me miss the necessary.

sir, guide my steps, show the right cart according to your will and make my faith unshakable!

God is the center of my life, the one who keeps me up and guides my unshakable faith.

Life gets lighter when our faith in God becomes unshakable.

God’s strength is monumental and unshakable, as well as my faith in Him.

God is always fair, always by your side. He never gives up on you. Cultivate an unshakable faith and everything will work out!

Because we live by faith, and not for what we see.

What is born of God overcomes the world; And this is the victory that overcomes the world: our faith.

Nothing can crumble my unshakable faith, because its center is in God, which can do everything and will do.

You may lose everything, but never your unshakable faith in God, which transforms weakness into strength, tears into smiles.

Also, use the shield of faith, with which you can erase all the inflamed arrows of the evil.

No matter the size of the obstacle, keep your faith unshakable!

And Jesus said unto them, I am the bread of life; He who comes to me will not be hungry; And whoever believes in me will never be thirsty.

Because in Him is the righteousness of God of faith in faith, as it is written: but the righteous will live from faith.

In my worst moments, I kept my unshakable faith and God saved me! Believe me, he is capable of everything.

Faith is the foundation of hope, it is a certainty about what is not seen. It was she who made the glory of our ancestors.

The world may be collapsing, but my faith in the Lord is unshakable and I know that everything I can win, because he did it for me.

True communion with God generates a strong and unshakable faith: neither can the world destroy it!

It is the experience of God’s love for us that makes our faith unshakable and makes us want to walk with Him.

When I lost faith in life it was God who gave me a new one. Therefore, my faith is simply unshakable.

Have an unshakable faith and you will see wonderful things happen at the right time. Trust God.

The Lord died for me and made me believe in the impossible and the true love that springs from the sacrifice. My faith in Him will always be unshakable.

Lord, guide my steps, strengthen my faith and make it an unshakable force before the world.

The world can throw stones at you, but if your faith in the Lord is unshakable, no harm will reach you.

An unshakable faith in the Lord is able to move worlds, change lives and resurrect what was dead.

Grant me Lord the blessing of unshakable faith, makes my heart more confident in you!

God, guide my steps, strengthens my faith. May it be constant and unshakable!

I am unshakable about the world thanks to my faith in God. He is my rock and my guide, won the world to win my heart!

It is he who will keep you standing and is your unshakable faith in your action that will give you strength to continue.

A heart full of faith is capable of everything! And to keep your beliefs in Him, see these beautiful messages and quotes of God knows all the things that will calm your heart.

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