30 messages and quotes of songs about nature full of good vibrations

By: Tranoniq.com

With the rush of everyday life and the cities taken by the gray tones of the concrete, nothing better than stopping a little and admiring the small details of nature – even in a plant vazine! If you are in need of this contact, then be sure to check out these music messages and quotes about nature full of life.

messages and quotes of songs about nature for those who love to be in contact with green

When the last tree has fallen and the rivers are poisoned. You can’t eat money!

I will water the floor where I am to the flowers can grow again.

Dark waters of the rivers that lead fertility to the backlands.

Waters that move mills are the same waters that soak the floor and always come back humble to the bottom of the earth.

a rolled pupunha this can only be passer.

In my way, the cicada flies, Guará hides so red.

The sea when breaks on the beach is beautiful, it is beautiful.

leaves the armadillo in place. Let the capybara cross. Let the tapir cross the stream.

Listen to the wind singing in the grove. Passarim, they will pass the passard.

It is a bird in the sky, it is a bird on the floor. It’s a stream, it’s a source.

Where’s the flower that was here? Pollution ate. And the fish that is from the sea? Pollution ate.

If the moon is born behind the green kills, it looks more like a silver sun silvering loneliness.

the backlands will become sea. Gives the heart the fear that, someday, the sea also becomes backwoods.

A rain of silver from the sky will go down. The splendor of the forest will be reborn and the air again will be natural.

When the sea with its brave waters take the dust of our day, it will be a good sign.

tomorrow, another day. Moon leaves, wind. Embrace a cloud that passes the air. Kiss, jokes and let it pass.

Hummingbird gave me proof: a very new star in the forest luminaire, a force that comes and renews.

There is water, there is that immensity, has shadow of the forest, has the light of the heart!

All well-vi carries a paineira. There is always a colibris that likes Jatobá.

It takes peace to be able to smile. It takes the rain to flower.

Will there be flowers in the future? Will fish be in the sea?

Will the earth go giving us the fruit, the leaf, the stem and the root?

Oricuri Madurou, hey. It is a sign that Arapuá has already made honey. Full catingueira there in the backlands. Rain will fall bulk.

What about the forests? Burned, despite our appeals.

man arrives and already undoes nature. Take people, put dam, says everything will change.

Listen to the noise of the river, my son. Let this sound pack you.

The leaves that fall into the river, my son, end in the waters of the sea.

Only a pebble in water is able to change the movement of the sea.

They say that the beating of a butterfly wings can trigger a storm on the other side of the world.

I see the green trees, red roses and I think of me: what a wonderful world!

More than simply admiring, all human beings are responsible for watching and taking care of nature! In order not to lose the pack, see also these music messages and quotes about the sea that will make you feel the waves and the beach breeze.

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