30 messages and quotes of romantic poems to declare themselves to the loved one

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Love has always fueled writing, from antiquity poets and philosophers to today’s singers and writers. After all, the feeling is complex and yields several reflections. More than just reflecting, feeling love is a true delight. If you are in love, then you will love messages and quotes of romantic poems that will pull sighs and melt hearts!

messages and quotes of romantic poems for those overflowing with passion

and to love you like this, a lot and often, is that one day in your body suddenly I will die of love more than I could.

I can tell you of love (which I had): that is not immortal, since it is called. But be infinite while it lasts.

you, who suffer because you love, love even more. To die of love is to live him.

Love is a company. I can no longer just walk the ways, because I can no longer walk.

I don’t want to sleep without your eyes. I do not want to be without you looking at me. I open the spring so that you keep looking at me.

In this story only I die and will die of love because I want you, because I want you, love, blood and fire.

From afar I will love you-from the quiet distance where love is longing and desire, constancy.

I love as love loves. I know no reason to love but to love. May you want to tell you, besides what I love you, if what I mean is what I love you?

orange cut in half, humid of love, yearn for the other … That’s how, that’s how I wish you!

Those who make love are not just doing love, they are roaming the clock of the world.

Love, when it reveals itself, is unable to reveal. You know how to look at her, but you don’t know how to speak.

I want my love to be light to you as if I danced on a beach a girl.

Lives just for me, just for my life, just for my love!

Love is what one learns at the limit, after archiving all inherited, heard science. Love starts late.

If I leaned my ear on his chest would hear the riot of the sea, the shrill of the blind sun bathers, the wave thud when they fall on the beach.

I was able to cross the city by bicycle just to see you dance. And that says a lot about my thoracic box.

I could write your name 70 times in a row. But that would not amaze the longing I feel to say your name between salt and teeth.

Love, this suffocation, now was very much, now, just a breath. Ah, crazy section, hearts exchanging roses and punches.

Love is a fire that burns without seeing itself; It is wounded that hurts and does not feel.

Love hurts me is under my arm, a span between the ribs. Reaches my heart is by this inclined way.

Love is from sighs to smoke; Pure, it is fire that the eyes threaten; Angry, a sea of ‚Äč‚Äčtears of lovers. What else will it be? Temperated Madness, Fel Ungrateful, Refined Sweetness.

Doubt of the light of the stars, that the sun is hot. Even doubts the truth, but trust my love.

Love does not turn from time to time. Before it asserts for eternity.

I was yours before I knew, and you were always mine too.

I will always love, I offer you that love is life, and life has immortality.

I still look for you in the crowd, in empty fields and high clouds. In the lights of the city and cars that pass, on winding roads and foul stars.

You got into my life and made everything else seem like a rehearsal. Love always came to me as a question, but with you it seemed like an answer.

If the moon smiled, it would look like you. You leave the same impression of something beautiful, but annihilating.

Love is a place and through this place of love mover (with glow of peace) all places. Yes it is a world and in this world of yes live (ingeniously wavy) all worlds).

I see you everywhere, in the stars, in the river, to me you are all that exists; The reality of everything. Life, I tell you, would be impossible without you.

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