30 messages and quotes of René Descartes that reflect the genius of this philosopher

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Recognized as one of the most important philosophers in history, René Descartes was born on March 31, 1596. The philosopher and mathematician revolutionized the area of ​​knowledge about human existence, and stood out in mathematics with the creation of the coordinate system and analytical geometry. We selected the most memorable messages and quotes by René Descartes to honor the brilliance of this thinker. Check it out!

René Descartes’ messages and quotes full of wisdom on human existence

There are no easy methods to solve difficult problems.

When you are too curious about things practiced in the past centuries, it is common to be ignorant of those who are practiced in the present.

Nothing is more distributed than common sense: no one thinks they need more than it really already has.

It is prudent not to trust entirely to those who deceived us once.

To examine the truth, it is necessary, once in your life, to put all things in doubt as much as possible.

I think, soon exist.

We should never let us persuade except for evidence of reason.

Wishing, having aversion, guaranteeing, denying, doubting are different ways to want.

In the matter of love, not loving is the right way to be loved.

There is nothing that we completely dominate except our thoughts.

Human intelligence is only infallible when it decides on what you perceive distinctly.

Men who are thrilled with passions are able to have more sweetness in life.

It is not enough to have a good mind: the main thing is to use it well.

An optimist can see a light where there is no, but why the pessimist always runs to turn it off?

Meeting with Truth has nothing dogmatic, it means only a meeting of reason with itself in a free and methodical procedure.

It is properly worth nothing to be useful to anyone.

People who constantly hesitate come nowhere, as if they were in circles.

a man who is jealous of the woman, because this is witness that he does not love as he should be, and that he has a bad opinion of himself or hers.

When I get an injury, I need to lift my soul so high that the offense does not reach me.

Youth food is illusion.

humanly there is no being that is happy without the other being.

Passions are all good by nature and we just have to avoid misuse and excesses.

They say the monkey is so smart that it does not speak so that they do not make it work.

One should avoid all precipitation and all prejudice when analyzing a subject and only having as true what is clear and distinct.

Divide the difficulties you find in so many parts as possible for your best solution.

The philosophy that cultivation is neither as barbaric nor so inaccessible to reject the passions; on the contrary it is only in them that the sweetness and happiness of life resides.

Common sense of an era, whatever it is, it is not and can be a real criterion.

Philosophy is the one that distinguishes us from savages and barbarians; nations are all the more civilized and educated the better philosophize their men.

The spectacle of the world often offers us scenes of violence and intolerance, born of prejudice that want to impose itself by force, in the absence of questions and, above all, the exercise of reason.

Go away from all impressions of the senses and imagination, and believe only in your reason.

It is extraordinary to glimpse all the nuances of human existence, isn’t it? To continue reflecting on this, also check out these wonderful philosophers of life on life!

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