30 Messages and Quotes of Poems about the Moon to illuminate your night

By: Tranoniq.com

One of the most beautiful hours of the day is when the moon comes in the sky and illuminates the darkness of the night. This natural satellite of the earth, besides being beautiful, has many meanings and inspires humanity with its phases. And the poets could not be left out. Check out the best quotes of poems about the moon and be enchanted!

Quotes of poems about the moon that reveal its beauty

When I thought you, there was so much to give you … There was a full moon on the sea, there was astonishment and love in my gaze.

The moon walks slowly, but crosses the world.

That there will be with the moon that whenever we look at it with sudden amazement of the first time?

It’s too much the dangers of this life, for those who have passion, especially when a moon suddenly appears and leaves in heaven, as forgotten.

and if the moonlight that acts wild, comes together any song. Then you need to be careful, because you should walk a woman nearby.

A woman who is like the moon herself: so beautiful that she only spreads suffering, so full of shame that she lives naked.

When the moon appeared, no one dreamed more than me.

I have phases, like the moon. Phases of hidden walking, phases of coming to the street …

full woman, carnal apple, hot moon, thick algae aroma, mud and stepped light.

Lord, who are heaven and earth, which are life and death! The sun is you and the moon is you and the wind is you!

Today the moon undressed its veil and floats to sleep in the sky. In the song that was born of me, my beloved fell asleep.

The moon was so sad with that love story that to this day the moon insists: Dawn, please!

My boredom measures strength with the slow twilight. But the night fills and starts to sing me. The moon turns your dream washer.

The moon went to the cinema, a funny movie, the story of a star who had no boyfriend.

I loved how I loved some singer of any cliché, cabaret, moon and flower …

I pity the moon! So much pity, poor thing, when so white, on the street, I see her cry alone!

I then come to the window: And I look at the moon … and I am crying with her!

A night of pale moon and geraniums, it will come with amazing mouth and hand, play flute in the garden.

You are free in sunlight and free before the night star. And you are free when there is no sun, no moon or stars. You are even free when you close your eyes to everything that exists.

I don’t walk on the street. I walk in the moon world, speaking to the stars.

I want a warmth in winter, a warm loss of my consciousness. And then in juice, a calm dream, a huge space, like the moon running between the stars.

If it doesn’t rain or wind, if the moon and the sun are clean and there is a party by the sea, I will visit.

late afternoon. In the sky plumbeo, the moon drools, hover.

Ah! Moon of this afternoon, dismissal of romantic attributions, no show for sentimental availability!

The moon with which the girl dreams is the beautiful dream or the pillowcase moon?

It was summer or any section like that, full moon or something like a longing or almost the same thing, it was love or more or less.

In this white space at dawn and full moon, I need to speak, and more than talk, I need to say. But the words don’t say everything, they say nothing.

I have asked God, and the moon yesterday, today, every night, perpetuity since the moment I knew yours.

Nothing explains to me. Nothing belongs to me and upon everything the moon of others pour the light that all dissipates and nothing wins.

The moon (the English say), is made of green cheese. As much as you think a thousand times, always an idea is lost.

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