30 messages and quotes of poems about nature representing its strength and beauty

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Mother Nature graces the whole earth with her beauty, strength and fruits. All this grace inspires poets and writers ever. Look carefully at every detail of this perfection results in beautiful words! Check out these messages and quotes of poems about nature and enjoy sharing in all your networks.


Look at these old trees, the more beautiful than the new trees, the more friendly: the more beautiful the older, the age and the procelas.

Such is your destiny, O daughters of nature; In spite of beauty, you perish; But no … if the hand of a poet cultivates you now, O roses, more vivid, more jubilee, flourish.

fall. In front of the sea. Wide the windows over the silent garden, and the waters Miro, absorbed. Autumn … whirling, the yellow leaves. They roll, fall. Widhp, old age, discomfort.

Between moonlight and foliage, between the quiet and the grove, between being night and there is a breeze, it passes a secret. Follow it my soul in the passage.

Because I am only this serious thing, an interpreter of nature, because there are men who do not perceive their language, because it is not any language.

Sometimes, suddenly, the nature of the plate in the face of my senses beats me, and I get confused, disturbed, wanting to realize. I am not sure how to … I just have to feel pleasing because it is breeze, or to feel displeased because it is hot, and in any way I feel it, so, because I feel it, it is my duty to feel LO …

wind of sad voice, plangent voice, wind that Ris of me always mocking, wind that rises the world and love, your voice torture everyone!

Autumn of the downtime, purple, apricot and brocades twilights! Vants the whole earth of splendor!

The leaves of the trees serve to teach us to fall without fuss.

more walnut bird I know is really swallow. They change places at the seasons. Then they are coming back.

or if it has rain and there is no sun, or if it has sun and there is no rain!

The sun walks down the campinas and walks a golden hand through the waters, the leaves … Ah! All bubbles that come from deep illusion pools … – nothing more.

This month, at the afternoon, the rain runs through the mountains, and then the night is clearer, and the corner of the crickets flutters the wet smell of the floor.

nature are two. One, as one knows herself. Another, which we see. But do we see? Or the illusion of things?

They say that flowers are all the words the earth says.

They can cut all flowers, but they cannot stop the spring.

Nature is the mother of all and everyone treats carefully, for as every mother she loves does not want her child abused.

A free bird jumps into the back of the wind and floats upstairs until the current ends and plunges its wing into orange sun rays and dare to claim the sky.

Water understands civilization well; Wet my foot, but beautifully, this cools my life, but with humor, is not disconcerted, not with heart broken.

The flower that today smiles tomorrow dies. Everything we want to stay try and then flies. What is the delight of this world? Rays that mock the night, brief, even so bright.

Tulips are very excitable, it’s winter here. See how everything is white, how quiet, how snow. I am learning to have peace, lying alone in silence

let life do to you what spring does to flowers.

I’m in love with a earth girl. Earth element sign, from the sea it is said, “Earth in sight.” Earth to the foot, firmness. Earth to hand, caress. Other stars are guided to you … Earth, however far the wandering navigator, who would never forget you?

Nature does not do miracles; Makes Revelations

In the shadow of the plant, your garden was minimal, without flowers. Plants were born, reborn so as not to look.

The sun in the eclipse is obscured sun; in the flower also the insect makes its nest.

Sunlight, which the leaf brings and translates, in new green, in leaf, in grace, in life, in strength, in light. Blue sky, which comes to where the feet touch the earth and the earth inspires and exudes its blues.

Let’s not cry, friend, youth; We get older laughing, aging as the strong trees grow old, in the glory of joy and kindness, wrapping the birds in the branches, giving shadow and comfort to those who suffer.

We tried to protect the tree, forgotten that it protects us.

I looked at you. And so long ago I understand that I am a land. So long ago I hope your fraternal body of water extends over my

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