30 messages and quotes of Pisadinha Barons that go beyond a contagious rhythm

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Pisadinha’s barons are known for their songs from Forró Electronic and Tecnobrega. Since 2015, they have produced a contagious sound that enchanted Brazilians. But know that not only addictive notes comes down to this duo! Check out this selection of pisadinha baron messages and quotes that will make you pay more attention to your letters.

messages and quotes of the Pisadinha barons that show why they are your favorite scheme

I already surpassed you. Sure, I surpassed. But it doesn’t send a message again, but I will fall.

But just you call me that I can’t resist. I wanted to say no, but I can’t.

Just you just call me that I’m running to find you.

I think to make sure it is over, the heart needs the love of the farewell.

She dispenses with the ballad, her friend, to stay with me. Because I’m your favorite scheme.

You took me out of your heart and I didn’t get you out of your mind.

I have to see you to believe that the love that was mine you gave to another use.

A woman just as you are not anyone deserves.

are relapses, I know it will pass. It’s just a matter of time.

and the standing signal and the head flying. And in the sound of my car, the music playing. I’m thinking about her.

I was the fear in someone’s eyes, but I was inspiration too.

It is not that easy to forget someone you loved so much.

I really like this life and no one makes me change. Because my joy is to see dust in the air.

Who put me to drink, now is drinking. Who made me suffer, now is suffering.

I’m in a hurry, love. If you come, my heart awaits you.

Since you taught me how to drink, since you taught me to suffer, please teach me how you do to forget you.

won’t have a glass to comfort you, it’s just you and your heart.

Here is the interior! Beautiful people land that has its value.

I promised no longer to look for you, but today is not my lucky day.

Who made me suffer, now is suffering.

I got used to it and I’m not even closing the door. The longing will find you.

Just call me that the leg is sliced. I missed you, I’ll stop in your bed.

And when I find you just want peace, the whole life to love you.

I am final without farewell. Someone who lost his life for loving him without being loved. And today it only remained lament, I lost it for loneliness.

You know I’m crazy and heartless, when she calls I pay attention.

I know, you were needy, because I told me. But actually, I liked it.

He lacks respect and gives no attention. Drops it and come lie here on my mattress.

alcohol does not erase the longing for us, love.

I’m missing even the smell of that perfume you used.

And I thought I had found love. Okay, once again someone deceived me.

With not so striking notes, it is sometimes difficult to pay attention to the messages of these successful bands. But you can see that they have many beautiful things to say. To continue inspiring love songs, check out these messages and quotes by Lulu Santos!

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