30 messages and quotes of Lya Luft that extol the works of this great writer

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Born on September 15, 1938, Lya Fett Luft was a Brazilian writer, translator, columnist and university professor. Author of more than 30 books and numerous texts for Veja magazine, she died on December 30, 2021. Next, check out some of Lya Luft’s most memorable messages and quotes that highlight her authenticity and genius.

LYA LUFT messages and quotes for those who truly love national literature

Time does not exist: everything comes down to the moment. Before that is a river that runs, but it does not pass.

Balance of the balance depends a lot on what we know and want to see.

We are shipped in a large ship, an uncertain, frightened and insecure sea.

One thing I knew: I was amateur of people and books.

A more true life, we will have begun to change the world. And if we can’t change the world, we can change our posture in it – or perhaps we get carried away. Not deciding anything is also a possible decision.

Life I sought explanations and deciphering: I found silence and secret, sometimes the comfort of a shoulder, sometimes pain.

There are people who, instead of destroying, builds; instead of envy, it presents; Instead of poisoning, beautification; instead of tearing, gathers and adds.

My gift is so empty. The conflict, however small, nowadays I wear out too much.

Easy can be uninteresting, and we deserve at least ever to do, want, be, the interesting.

To really live, thinking and rethinking existence, so that it is worthwhile, one must be loved; and love; and love yourself.

My father said: For those who believe it, everything exists.

Life not only weaves a web of loss, but gives us a succession of gains.

Life, like fiction, is a theater of disin of the stage, as stars, I hang words: this is my destiny.

Because between yes and not just a breath, between good and bad just a thought, between life and death only a slight shake of cloth.

These golden years taught me to love better, with more patience and no less burning.

The least we do is, every moment, the best one could do.

We have difficulty dealing with silence: He resonates badly in the void of our interior.

I don’t want to have to live only in what was delimited as the real.

If you think it is worth nothing, I will be nothing. I will let others speak, decide, live for me.

I always end up hurting the people I love.

If each cultivates affection, beauty and loyalty in its environment, as small, it will spread clarity in the world.

Nobody knows anyone: we invent our partnerships.

For living should be-even the last thought and the ultimate look-transform itself.

stand without submitting, accepting without humiliating, surrendering without renouncing yourself and possible dignity.

Each one reinvents herself, even unknowingly – or unintentionally – with each new day.

It would be common this transformation and multiplication of affections, in pain and joy, if instead of selfish and confusing, we were mature and balanced.

I am not, nor should I be, Wonder Woman, but only one person: vulnerable and strong, incapable and glorious, scared and bold – a woman.

We want a meaning for our existence, and freedom to exist according to our possibilities.

People are responsible and innocent about what happens to them, being authors of much of their choices and omissions.

If we have been aware that we are in transformation, that everything is passing and can end in a few minutes – or years, or decades – we would not bear the pressure.

Born in Rio Grande do Sul, Lya Luft has always been a lover of literature. He graduated in Letters and Pedagogy at the Pontifical Catholic University and from then on he worked as a translator, translating more than 100 literary works.

For 10 years, the writer of “Losses and Gains” and “To think is transgress” became a columnist for Veja magazine, where he published texts that talked about the Brazilian Cotian in a unique way.

There is no denying the brilliance of this author and gaucho translator. By the way, if you want to know more women who honor national literature, as well as Lya, be sure to check out these messages and quotes of Brazilian writers who show the strength of the female pulse.

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