30 messages and quotes of loyalty that demonstrate the true value of loyalty

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Fidelity presupposes many situations, be it relationship or personal circumstances. It is about keeping in front of the words already said, the purposes signed. Fidelity messages and quotes below demonstrate how this virtue applies in different situations: in marriage, in relation to God or even when loyalty enters the sum. Read and share with all your contacts that need to read these messages!

messages and quotes of faithfulness to God

Being faithful and fearful to God are the virtues that every Christian needs to have. Reinforce your beliefs with these beautiful messages and quotes of faithfulness to God!

Great faithfulness to God is shown in the little things.

Your love, Lord, reaches the heavens; Your faithfulness to the clouds.

If God is faithful to me, I will be.

God’s faithfulness overflows my heart every day.

But you, Lord, are compassionate and merciful God, very patient, rich in love and faithfulness.

The world may be flawed, but God’s faithfulness is true and perfect.

Rest under the faithfulness of God, it does not fail.

He who is faithful in small things will also be faithful in the big things.

faithful is God, who called them to communion with their Son Jesus Christ, our Lord.

A life of faithfulness and service to God is a complete life.

Loyalty messages and quotes at Marriage

Being faithful in a love relationship goes far beyond themes such as betrayal. Reflect more on the subject with these fidelity messages and quotes in marriage.

Being faithful is not a matter of choice, it is a matter of character.

Confidence is one of the pillars of marriage. Without it, the relationship is doomed to numerous problems.

Love is not enough to maintain a marriage. If there is no fidelity, commitment and character there is no love that supports the relationship.

betray? Sorry, but I don’t change a life for one night.

Thus, they are no longer two, but one meat. Therefore, what God has united, no one separates.

Fidelity is freedom. It is knowing that I have wings, that I can fly anywhere, but I let my heart always choose the same. Every day, for the same place to return.

Being faithful to those you love is not a complicated task, quite the opposite: it is natural and good.

Being faithful to a woman is too small price compared to something as big as having a woman.

Being faithful in marriage goes far beyond a monogamous contract: it is partnership, love, reciprocity and respect above all.

Loyalty in marriage presupposes respect, affection and much love.

messages and quotes of faithfulness and loyalty

Are you faithful and loyal in your relationships? Do you know the difference between the two? Check out the fidelity and loyalty sentences that will help you better understand the subject.

Do not abandon loyalty and faithfulness; Always keep them well recorded in your heart.

Fidelity is sworn to the other. Loyalty is offered. Fidelity is an obligation. Loyalty is choice. Faithfulness is social function. Loyalty is principle.

Being loyal implies being faithful to faith, feelings, words given, commitments and promises.

Loyalty is one of God’s attributes. His love is loyal and he faithfully acts in all things.

Fidelity is to say where the body is. Loyalty is to say where the heart and head are.

Do not abandon loyalty and faithfulness. Always keep them well recorded in your heart.

loyalty and fidelity go hand in hand.

The big difference between fidelity and loyalty is that fidelity implies needing the other to prove it, loyalty we only need ourselves.

Loyalty presupposes respect and confidence, which leads to fidelity. This goes for any kind of relationship.

Be faithful and loyal to God and you will see your life flourish.

A faithful heart, it is a heart in peace. To rethink the other extreme, check out these betrayal messages and quotes that comfort a hurt heart.

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