30 messages and quotes of longing songs to think about that special person

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It’s hard to stay away from the people we care so much and love. The lack that makes the hug, the kiss and the affection is important to keep our hearts alone. So, check out the most beautiful messages and quotes of longing songs and sing along with true music classics that are part of our life!

Best Song messages and quotes of Saudade

Check out great lyrics of Brazilian music that portray with such sensitivity to longing and its most sincere developments.

Of our plans, I miss you more. When we looked together in the same direction. Where are you now, besides here inside me?

If I don’t kill the longing, it is “let it be”. Longing kills us, girl.

smiles when the pain torture you and the longing to torment.

I love you more and more and that I always want you in peace. I’m with symptoms of longing, I’m thinking of you.

Happiness left and the longing in my chest still lives.

I haven’t seen you in a long time, I want to kill my desire. I send you a lot of kiss, then I miss you end!

Enough of longing, the reality is that without it there is no peace, there is no beauty.

Oh I wish I came back to the arms of my xodó. Longing like this makes it gnaw and bitter like jiló.

Path in front to miss you.

If you miss it is to have some defect, I at least deserve the right to have someone I can confess with.

Sertanejas Song messages and quotes of Saudade

country music have the unique ability to reach the heart in the most exciting places. So check out the best sertaneja music messages and quotes!

Dream, cry and I feel that there is some hope. I miss you, I want to pull out this page from my life.

The more I think time goes by, the more it increases this desire to be with you.

and me here with this bandit longing. Lack love, you miss, my life.

I finished with the partner who turned the glass, drank with me the way I like it. He who was a real man. Oh, I miss my ex.

When you will pass, I miss you. Tell me how long you will stay, I miss you. Look at the damage you have already done.

It is today that I die of hangover and longing, will of my Mô. Willingness to take an anti-Saudade remedy.

It’s longing, which hits my heart. I need to say that I love you to remember.

This longing instead of dying, kills you. Leave this pride and it’s been running to tell me that you miss me.

Sextou with missing s.

For my experience, it is real success. Me and I miss you.

messages and quotes of Longing Music in English

When it arrives, it’s completely difficult to hold! Choose your favorite English phrase and dedicate this feeling in all languages.

in the Night, We’ll Wish This Never Ends. I miss you. (In the night, we will want this never to end. I miss you.)

I’m Nothing Without You. All My Dreams and All the Lights Mean Nothing Without You. (I am nothing without you. All my dreams and lights mean nothing without you.)

you can intend you don’t miss me. You can intend you Don’t Care. All You Wanna from Is Kiss Me. (You can pretend you don’t miss you, you can pretend you don’t care. All you want is to kiss me.)

I’m Only 17, I Don’t Know Anything. But I Know I Miss You. (I’m only 17, I don’t know anything. But I know I miss you.)

I was June and you were my johnny cash. Never one without the other, we made the pact. Sometimes When i miss you i put tose records on. (I was June and you my Johnny Cash. Never separated, we made a pact. When I miss you, I hear those records.)

i miss you, i miss your smile. And I Still Shed a Tear Every Once in a While And Even Thought It’s Different Now, You’re Still here Somehow. (I miss you, I miss your smile. I still cry sometimes, and even if things are different, I still feel you here now.)

in case, you’re missing what you have before. In Case, You Change Your Mind, I’m Be Waiting Here. In Case, You Just Want to Start Home. (In case you miss what you had or change your mind, I’ll be here if you want to go home.)

and I’m surrounded by A Million People. I Still Feel Alone and I Wanna Go Home. I miss you. (I’m surrounded by a million people and I still feel alone, I want to go home. I miss you.)

Should Be Laughing, But there’s Something Wrong and It hits me when the Lights go on. SHIT, Maybe I Miss You. (I should be laughing, but there is something wrong that I realize when the lights call. Damn, maybe I miss you.)

but it’s rather be lonely, and wait for you only. My Dear, How I Miss You Tonight. (But I would rather be alone and wait for you. Honey, I miss you today.)

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