30 messages and quotes of Liev Tolstoy to those who love Russian literature

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Author of War and Peace and Anna Karienina, Liev Tolstoy is one of the biggest names in Russian literature of all time. With strong Christian influence, his works address various themes and problems of society of the time. Want to deepen more in this great writer? So read these messages and quotes from Liev Tolstoy and send it to those who also love literature.

Liev Tolstoy messages and quotes that bring various reflections

The joy of doing good is the only true happiness.

Wrong is nonetheless wrong because most share.

It is the unchanging destiny of all active actors that, the higher placed in the human hierarchy, the less free will be.

Love begins when a person feels alone and ends when a person wants to be alone.

If you want to be universal, it starts by painting your village.

The stars, as if they knew that no one now watched them, began to play in the black sky. Now they called it, sometimes they went out, sometimes shaking, as they whispered one to each other, something cheerful but mysterious.

The secret of happiness is not always to do what you want, but always want what you do.

What it was and it will be, and even what it is, we are not able to know, but as for what we should do, we are not only able to know, but we always know it, and only that is necessary.

I must get used to the fact that no one will ever understand me. This should be the common destination of difficult people.

The rich will do everything for the poor, less get down from their backs.

man has no power over anything while afraid of death. And who is not afraid of death has everything.

man loves, because love is the essence of his soul. Therefore, you can not fail to love.

Everyone thinks about changing the world, but no one thinks to change themselves.

When you love someone, you love the person as they are, not as you would like them to be.

It is in the heart of man that the beginning and the end of all things resides.

Every reform imposed by violence will not correct evil at all: good does not need violence.

whatever or will be our destiny, we are the ones who do it, and we do not regret.

There is no greatness where there is no simplicity, kindness and truth.

Reason did not teach me anything. Everything I know was given to me by the heart.

marriage is a boat that takes two people through a stormy sea; If one of the two makes some sudden movement, the boat sinks.

My religion is the love of all living beings.

True happiness is in the house itself, among the joys of the family.

It is in my power to serve God or not to serve Him. Serving it, I add to my own good and the good of the whole universe. Not serving it, I give up my own good and deprive the world of good that was in my power to create.

Art is not a manual work, it is the transmission of feeling that the artist has experienced.

Money represents a new form of impersonal slavery, instead of ancient personal slavery.

Each lived as much as he loved.

It is not possible to be good in half.

I felt that love saved him from despair and that this love, under the threat of despair, became even stronger and purer.

A man can live a healthy life without having to kill animals to eat; Therefore, if he eats flesh, he participates in the act of taking the life of a creature merely to satisfy his appetite. And acting this way is immoral.

The only comfort I feel when thinking about the inevitability of my death is the same as you feel when the boat is in danger: we are all in the same situation.

timeless, Liev Tolstoy continues to mark generations of readers. And to know more about Russian literature, the tip is to take a look at these philosophers of Ficor Dostoevski!

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