30 messages and quotes of God in charge to always believe in their plans

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In some situations things do not come out as planned and feel completely lost. However, it is necessary to maintain the faith that everything in life happens for a reason and that, despite the difficulties, the Lord is in control of everything. To keep our heart calm and move on, we select God’s best messages and quotes in charge. Check it out!

God’s messages and quotes in charge not to give up your dreams

With God in command nothing is able to stop who is good, who seeks peace and only spreads love.

Don’t despair, what has to be yours will be! God is in control of everything and will know the right time to intervene.

Not every day is easy, but deliver them every morning to God makes me sure that He is in control of everything.

When God is in charge, the impossible happens, believe me!

With God in charge we learn to live with more lightness and joy, confident in the future that he is preparing for us!

The Lord opens his ways. Although problems and circumstances try to take your focus off, remain firm. Trust, because it is in charge of everything.

calm the heart, for everything is in the hands of God.

Trust God and hope that soon He will make the smile return to your face. He is in charge and will always know what is best for you.

Do not question God’s time. Instead of hurry, have patience and faith: your blessings are already marked to arrive, because God is in control.

Know that God’s plans do not fail. He has control of everything and wants to see you happy today and always!

Understanding God’s will is not always easy, but believe that He is in charge and has a plan for our lives, makes the walk worthwhile.

God is in charge, but so that He may lead us to the way of happiness we need to have faith.

Have faith in the face of difficulties and nothing theme, for God is in charge.

Look at the sky … Notice the greatness, calm your heart and trust. The impossible belongs to God, he specializes in making it happen.

Do not give up on your dreams, for God is in charge of all things. When it is the right time, make sure it will help.

Whatever God wants for me, I want it too! Because he is in control.

Faith and strength to face the day, for the rest God will be in charge.

Another day is over, and even if you haven’t done all the planned things, don’t worry: God is in charge of everything!

I’m not afraid of anything, because I know that God is in charge of everything.

May we have even more strength to battle life every day and recognize that God is in control and prepares our ways.

May God be in control of our day, direction of our dreams, and in charge of our thoughts. May our day be as it wants!

Never forget: God is in charge of all the good things that happen in life. Calm your heart, lift your head and move on.

If you are in God’s plans, it will happen. It doesn’t matter what people say, no matter what the world thinks … if God is acting, no one prevents.

God’s time has its mysteries, but it is not for us to understand, just trust that He is in charge.

God will be in charge whenever you are following your ways.

When God is in control everything changes, what comes to hurt us loses direction, the words of the counter lose meaning and evil is not enough.

Knowing that God is in charge of everything brings us strength to face any adversity that life has to offer.

Keep calm! It may not seem like it, but God is in control of the situation.

Nothing is out of control when God is in charge.

We do not know what the future reserves us, but we can believe it has a magnificent plan for us.

To trust the Lord’s plans is to make sure that something good is coming, because he always wants our best. To strengthen your faith, also check out our trusted messages and quotes in God and believe that your way is already planned!

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