30 messages and quotes of Deive Leonardo to learn more about this amazing preacher

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With over 10 million followers on Instagram and a channel with almost seven million subscribers, Deive Leonardo is one of the most famous preachers in Brazil. Their preaching talk about life with God, friendships and other topics that are part of the Christian life. Read Deive Leonardo’s messages and quotes and learn more about this influential Christian figure!

Deive Leonardo’s messages and quotes that will get closer to God and keep the faith

The most amazing love in the world came after us, and found us.

There is no way to be the same person after Jesus arrives.

I am not what they said about me. I am what the sky shouted on me in this generation.

Because who determines the time and stations of our life are the Lord.

No one was made to live away from the Father’s house.

The fact that you do not see Jesus in the middle of the storm does not mean that he is not seeing you inside the boat.

God is the only one who puts expectations in whom no one expected.

If Jesus won, we have to be good spirit, because in the name of Jesus we will also win.

The way we hear about Jesus determines the way we get to Him.

No one can against a word of God about your life! Nobody.

Who has the purpose, live! It is only possible to live like this, when we know where we came from, where we go, who we are and for me to be born.

If someone has hurt you in the name of Jesus, forgive us. We are trying to improve.

You never went after Jesus, Jesus went after you.

The absence of forgiveness does not kill that does not receive, kills who retains.

You don’t need moment, you need eternity.

Only God is able to calm the storm within us.

Sometimes God won’t change you. God will change the way to change you.

While there are people living and doing just money God is raising people who don’t care about money, but who are moved every day for the purpose

Learn to say “no” to everything that removes you from God.

God is the only one who puts expectation in whom no one believes.

True friends have probably appeared in your life and perhaps it was on one of the worst days of your history, and are with you so far.

Legacy is not what you leave to people, legacy is what you leave in people.

Before making any decision present to it plan A, plan B, but make it clear that the plan that is not yours is yours, it is the one.

The genuine friend is the one we need to seek and we need to be at all times. Here is my shoulder if you need it, but here are my palms for you!

Jesus is the only one who has the one who is for nothing.

So that every time our knees bend, we remember that before we ask for anything we have to thank you for the so much that we already received.

Do not forget that we act within a time, God acts within another time. If ours is Chronos, Tique Taque, God is KairĂ³s, eternal and perfect.

The storm takes you hope, but if you don’t give up the storm, you will give up on you.

There is nothing impossible, nothing dead that he cannot resurrect: dreams, families, hearts. In the name of Jesus!

Who needed to hear, hear no more. Because there are things that only be valid while there is time, out of time is no longer worth.

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