30 messages and quotes of Culture Shock Only for those who are lover of the seventh art

By: Tranoniq.com

Did you think you wouldn’t have a special selection of messages and quotes from your favorite program? “He found it wrong, sucker!” The funniest youtube drivers have gained a special place on the computer screens and the hearts of many people. So if you were also won by the sympathy of Rogerinho, Julinho, Maurílio and Renan, these messages and quotes of the culture shock are for you. Check it out, my guerreirinho!

Culture Shock messages and quotes To Up Your Humor

Documentary is not young movie. Young man is slackline, is Bruno de Luca.

Continent problem if you separate is to be in the same part as your family.

here is not sunset for idiot to sticker.

Music Environment is a drug environment!

Only you changing body with your spouse so you can see that it is shit.

No shard wall on top, bad guy doesn’t respect!

Unfortunately I will have to say this here …

The function of television is to make everyone have the same opinion.

When a person tells you to believe you and you believe, you are not believing you. You are believing in the person who believes in you.

Harry Potter movie without Harry Potter, it’s blow!

At the intersection, the preference is from those who have the courage.

found it wrong, sucker!

Prejudice is a Gypsy thing!

No one fucks, Julinho. People say they have sex, but don’t have sex. It takes a lot of work.

I’m going to the cinema to have fun. If it was to be depressed, I was going to work or stay with my family.

This is already your mental problem.

Jesus is from Disney, Rapá.

The indignation is right!

Dolphin is bad carrier!

When I take a taxi, I sit in front and the driver behind. I’m driving the vehicle!

Hospital is a danger, sometimes you run over a person and she’s fine, you take to the hospital, she dies.

I will summarize in a word, rogerinho … show!

When you arrive with a stick in a fight, the other person wants to talk soon. It’s the weapon of dialogue!

Good night, lovers of the seventh art!

I see the movie so I don’t have to read the book.

He is my pumpkin soup.

Listen to what you’re talking about!

cinema is explosion, car and womanizer.

But you can drive blind, rapá. The Detran who is rigorous.

I’m a normal person, I made catechesis to get a woman.

If there is one thing that is impossible to exist when you watch culture is the bad mood. How about turning all these laughter that you give into something routine and still infect the people around? This selection with funny status messages and quotes is great to show your good mood. Get inspired!

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