30 messages and quotes of Armandinho to enjoy the positive vibe of his songs

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Armandinho is a Brazilian reggae and pop singer and songwriter. His songs are filled with good energy and lightness that are part of the soundtrack of the lives of many people and couples. Learn a little more about your work and ideas with our special selection of Armandinho messages and quotes. Choose your favorite and share it with the guys!

Armandinho messages and quotes representing the national reggae

Beating the Sun House for the morning to be born happy.

Another night you spend and pretends you don’t even see. Do not hide your grudge, want to try me crazy.

I woke up wanting to see the sea, but I live right in the middle of a stone jungle.

Forget the time it has passed. He smiled or cried. If you loved or suffered.

Let the crazy man beat never to forget, let the tide take us.

I, when I find you, I want to talk about everything I feel, I know I can lose myself, enter your maze.

Happiness is found in the simplest things on earth.

We will escape to sea, I will ask to date. You’ll tell me you’ll think, but in the end, you’ll leave it.

full moon, shut down the lighthouse. Dating with me waiting for the sun.

Life is a passing breeze. Don’t let it pass.

I am fisherman, dreamer. I will tell God our Lord that you are the love of my life, because you can not live in this life dying of love.

Get out of this city, let go of my dog, flee to Babylon.

maybe it’s not in this life yet, but you will still be my life.

and today I found out how much I want you.

And the right wind will blow from the sea. You can believe that everything will work out.

since happiness is so uncertain that it is uncertain in a good place.

I won’t let you see me suffer, I have to learn that all great love always ends like this, this is not the end.

How much we do, then want to go back.

I want your love for dawn, and wake up kissing you!

I get thirsty and desire to love. A shiver on the skin, a shine in the look. These are old things.

My soul is quieter. Life harmonizes when I see you.

Why are you in a hurry if the best things in life are done very slowly?

Feeling, you don’t know what’s going on inside.

When I met you, I soon fell in love with the color of your eye.

We are so far, so close, too. And the angels tell us Amen.

Today I walked the whole beach with my feet in the sand, heart on the high sea. Remember you make me think bullshit.

Sometimes the peace of a smile can disarm a war.

takes my hand, opens the heart, for the new love to arrive.

I promise to be correct, because I know that with you the chat is straight.

When the dusk arrives, it is impossible not to remember you.

Reggae conveys good energies and arrived in Brazil has great representatives of the genre. Keep sharing positivity with the best sentences of MANUVA.

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