30 messages and quotes of Amélie Poulain to value the little things of life

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The fabulous fate of Amélie Poulain is among the most famous French films of all time. No wonder, after all, the film addresses several reflections with great delicacy. The work portrays the importance of the little things of life, among other topics that can be taken to everyday life. So check out Amélie Poulain’s messages and quotes and get inspired!

Amélie Poulain messages and quotes to observe the subtleties of everyday life

These are difficult times for dreamers.

I like to observe the details that no one else sees.

It was the only thing she had not yet caught: love. No one is immune.

Life is beautiful, despite everything.

The girl, thrilled with exceptional intimacy, cannot prevent her heart from shooting.

When the finger points the sky, the idiot looks at his finger.

Without you, today’s emotion would be just a dead skin of the emotion of the past.

Anxiety about the passage of time makes us talk about time.

Strange the fate of this young woman, private, but so sensitive to the charm of the simple things of life …

And you don’t even have a vegetable, because even the artichokes have heart.

Luck is like the Tour de France, we expect so much and passes so fast.

I think it’s time for her to take the risk.

Maybe she do everything to get the lives of others. It’s her? And your disorders? Who goes by order?

Life is never perfect. Each one has a way to calm the nerves.

So little America, your bones are not made of glass. You can take some blows of life.

She really likes stratagems. Yeah, we here know how cunning it is!

If Amélie prefers to live in the dream and be an introvert girl, it’s her right. Because spoiling one’s life is an inalienable right.

Amélie takes refuge in a world invented by her.

I keep looking for a simple word that describes my complexity.

She never knew how to establish a relationship with others. When I was a child I was always alone.

If you let this chance pass, then, over time, your heart will be as dry and brittle as my skeleton. So go ahead, for the sake of God.

When the time comes, you need to jump without hesitation.

Failure is human destiny. Failure teaches us that life is just a draft, a rehearsal for a show we will never participate in.

Like every child, I would like your father to hug her from time to time.

– Do you believe in miracles? – Not today!

Funny life, when we are children time does not pass. And suddenly, overnight, we have 50 years. After childhood, everything we have left is in a old box.

I know the stranger in the photo is a ghost … it’s invisible!

It is August 29th. In 48 hours your life will change forever.

As Don Quixote, Amélie decided to fight the tireless factory of all human miseries.

This is called to face reality. But that’s what Amélie doesn’t want to.

Attention to the small details of life can change many things. Check out our selection of short and beautiful messages and quotes and start looking more affectionately the subtleties around you. Thus, you will find beauty even in the smallest things, like Amélie.

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