30 messages and quotes of 16 years of precious marriage like the wedding of tourmaline

By: Tranoniq.com

Tourmaline weddings represent a marriage that has been cut over the years by joys, difficulties, dreams and plans. Now he is stronger and beautiful as a precious jewel. Celebrate this very important milestone in life for two. For this, check out the best and most romantic quotes of 16 years of marriage and surprise the loved one!

16 years of marriage who celebrate the maturity of love

The passing of the years did us well and brought us even closer. Life by your side is only more beautiful. HAPPY TOURNAL Wedding!

Sometimes, I don’t think it’s like love in my heart anymore, but I see your smile and realize it fits yes. Happy 16 years of marriage!

Just like Tourmaline, our marriage has been cut over these 16 years and became a precious jewel. I love you!

Our marriage has become a rare jewel of great value, as we dedicate ourselves every day in these 16 years. I love you!

Many stages of love have been overcome and today we have a solid and wonderful marriage. Happy 16 years of much companionship!

We have many stories to tell and many yet to live. If we are together, we will be fine. HAPPY TOURNAL Wedding!

It’s 16 years celebrating our love and doing everything to keep working. I love you!

In our tour wedding, I realize how much you colored my life and helped me walk. I love you!

My love is greater than 16 years ago and our marriage is more amazing than on the first day. Thank you for being the best for me!

In our tour wedding, I celebrate 16 years of complicity, respect, care and much love!

Problems were no greater than joys. Therefore, our love has been cut by happiness and today has great value. HAPPY TOURNAL Wedding!

Like a tourmaline, our love has been cut and be careful with a lot of attention. Therefore, it is so strong, true and precious. Happy 16 years of marriage!

We have a life together, we add a lot of victories and we are getting better and better. Happy 16 years of marriage!

My love will continue to grow because being by your side is the best gift for 16 years. I love you!

Life has been stunning and the reason is you. For 16 years, I smile for you and you. I love you!

day by day, our difficulties and joys cut our love and did it more mature. Happy 16 years of marriage!

We got married to live a love story and it has been for 16 years. Happy tour wedding! May joy continue to accompany us daily.

The true meaning of love is to build a life with everything that makes us happy. We have lived this way for 16 years. I love you!

It’s been 16 years celebrating the pleasure of sharing life with my love. That nothing get us away, honey!

You fill me with everything I need to be happy and promise you to return with all my love. HAPPY TOURNAL Wedding!

Living every day with the same person is a big challenge, but you have been lightning for 16 years. Happy Wedding Anniversary!

We love each other today than for 16 years. We are stronger, more mature and happier, what we should be. Congratulations to us!

We have been dreaming for 16 years and seeking our happiness. It has worked, my love. HAPPY TOURNAL Wedding!

We arrived at the wedding wedding and just want to thank you for the life you provided me and the love you shared with me!

What a pride of our 16 years of marriage and everything we live together. My love only increases. Congratulations to us, honey!

I hope everything works out for us, as it has worked in these 16 years of marriage. Let’s keep fighting together, my love!

You are the best companion of battles, joy and to live the calm. HAPPY TOURNAL Wedding!

Happy tour wedding, my love. May we take care of our marriage with even more affection and dedication every day!

Time flew, but it’s good that we knew how to enjoy and live our marriage to love. Happy 16 years of marriage!

These first 16 years beside you were amazing. May the future reserve even more joys. HAPPY TOURNAL Wedding!

Even after so many years together, passion continues to speak loudly and bringing emotion to your marriage. Check out quotes of a couple in love and share the secret of so much affection!