30 messages and quotes from Millôr Fernandes for those who like humor

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Millôr Fernandes (1923-2012) was a writer, humorist, designer, translator and Brazilian playwright. It was well known for the humorous chronicles published in magazines and newspapers. With his sharp irony, he marked contemporary literature and provided joy to many readers. Check out the messages and quotes of Millôr Fernandes and share the best balconies of this great artist who made life of his greatest work of art.

Millôr Fernandes’ messages and quotes that will make you cry from laughing

True friendship is one that allows us to speak, to our friend, all his shortcomings and all our qualities.

democracy is when I send you, dictatorship is when you send me.

boring – individual who has more interest in us than we have in it.

Live Brazil, where the whole year is April first!

money gives no happiness. But it pays everything she spends.

If it’s tasty it does soon, tomorrow it can be illegal.

Missing is human. Being caught in the act is stupid.

As violent as the opposite argument is, however well formulated, I always have an answer that closes anyone’s mouth: “You have absolutely right.”

We should not resist temptations: they may not return.

money not only speaks, but makes a lot of people shut up.

If you always act with dignity, it may not improve the world, but one thing is certain: there will be a scoundrel with less.

half of life is damaged by parents. The other half, for the children.

There are two things that no one forgives: our victories and our failures.

The worst is not to die. Is not being able to scare off the flies.

The only difference between madness and mental health is that the first is much more common.

Money is not only easily folding as it easily doubles anyone.

All marriage without love results in love without marriage.

In general, when we find an open spirit, enter and check that it is empty.

punctual is someone who decided to wait a lot.

Being poor is not a crime, but it helps a lot to get there.

It can be difficult to find needle in haystack. But not barefoot.

The price of fidelity is eternal vigilance.

The worst marriage is what works.

Poverty is not necessarily shameful. There is very poor without shame.

This world is only boring on two occasions: in war and peace.

It is because no one likes to work that the world progresses.

scholar is a subject who has more culture than fits in it.

Freedom is a mutt dog.

How admirable are people we don’t know well.

I suffer from “mefobia”, I’m afraid of myself and face every day.

Millôr Fernandes’s irony is contagious! Also check out the mood messages and quotes and take life more lightly.

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