30 messages and quotes from Augusto dos Anjos for those who love poetry with dark touch

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Nicknamed “Doctor Sadness”, Augusto dos Anjos was one of the most famous poets of the generation that preceded modernism in Brazil. His melancholy poems do not match any literary movement and transit between symbolism, Parnassianism and naturalism. If you like this poet’s most far -fetched style, then check out these messages and quotes from Augusto dos Anjos!

AUGUST DOS ANGELS ‘messages and quotes who are true delights for national poetry lovers

Hope won’t wither, she doesn’t get tired, as she doesn’t succumbs her belief. Dreams will go on the wings of disbelief, dreams turn on the wings of hope.

To deceive my misfortune, I study. I know I don’t delude myself!

I, son of carbon and ammonia, monster of darkness and ruthlessness. I have suffered from childhood epigenesis, the bad influence of the zodiac signs.

The kiss, friend, is the eve of the sputum, the hand that strokes is the same as stoning.

LOVE OF LOVE, AND I LIE EVERYTHING AND COLO! Love in humanity is a lie. AND. And that’s why in my Future Love Lira rarely I speak.

you see! No one watched the formidable burial of your last chimera.

Only ingratitude – this panther – was your inseparable companion! Get used to the mud that awaits you!

no one tames a poet’s heart!

Ah! Within the soul there is proof that pain as a dart is renewed when pleasure barbarily attacks it.

Behind the western tombs, one day, I went to take refuge at your door! It was cold and the cold it did, it was not that the meat comforts us …

Where to go, father, where you are, I will also go, walking the same streets… You, to soften your pains, me, to soften my pains!

What matters to me that the pussy goes through my whole heart, after death?! Ah! A vulture landed in my luck!

There are dark monsters on the road and the road, among these monsters, walking!

I hit the stones of a rude torment and my hurt today is so intense that I think joy is a disease, and sadness is my only health.

My heart has huge cathedrals, priscas temples and distant dates, where a numbered love in serenades sings the virgin hallelujah of beliefs.

If I someday pleasure comes to me, tell this monster that I ran away from home!

For it is necessary that, for sacred love, the world becomes immaterialized – lever diverted from its fulcrum.

In the desperation of the iconoclasts, I broke the image of my own dreams!

However, the world is a complete illusion, and it is not the hope for sentence, this bond that to the world manieta?

Do you know that it is God?! This infinite and holy being that presides and governs the other beings, that the charms and the strength of the powers gathers everything itself, in one charm?

God is the temple of good. At the immense time, love is the host that blesses belief, loves, therefore, believes in God, and … Be blessed!

Today that the hurt stuck to me the breast, and the heart rips me atrocious, immense. I the Bendigo of Disbelief, in the middle, because I only live in disbelief.

and there is only true friendship from a skull to another skull, from my tomb to your tomb?!

I prove that the highest expression of pain is essentially in joy.

tired of crying along the roads. Exhausted to step on stepped hurts. Today I carry the cross of my pains.

To defirge the maze of the old and metaphysical mystery, I ate my raw eyes in the cemetery, in a hungry anthropophagy!

Cry – The dew of the tears pear to the macerated faces of disgust.

sometimes tries, however, nervous and crazy to forget the intense hurt for a moment, tearing a smile to the flower of the mouth.

In the oblivion of the obscure human form, that, thinking, I dismiss myself, it was that I, in a cry of emotion, sincere I found, after all, my Nirvana!

I enjoy pleasure, that the years do not fund, of having exchanged my form of man for the immortality of ideas!

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