30 messages and quotes from Arctic Monkeys that carry the personality of Indie Rock

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Arctic Monkeys is a British band born in 2002 in England. Since then, the four members have won the world with their rock and letters that express the way they feel and see the world! Because they are so striking, they bring deep messages that they deserve to be highlighted. In this sense, check out messages and quotes from Arctic Monkeys!

Arctic Monkeys messages and quotes that will play the hearts of the band fans

Sad to see you leave, I kind of expected you to stay.

containing not to be sentimental, she said she would not be, but it was anyway.

calm down and prepare your lips, sorry to interrupt … I don’t know if you feel the same as me.

When you look at me like this, my dear, what did you expect?

I am a puppet on a thread, Tracy Island, Time Traveler.

I am constantly on the verge of trying to kiss you.

Now I can’t think of it, without thinking about you, I doubt it came as a surprise.

frightened by the bite. No, she’s no worse than the bark.

I always think, maybe I’m too busy being yours to fall in love with someone else.

Unjust we are not somewhere behaving badly for days.

Everything is in order in a black hole, but nothing seems as beautiful as the past.

Do you have no idea what my obsession is? I dreamed of you almost every night this week.

I am yours and I will be yours until the stars fall from the sky.

It seems that once again you had to greet me with a goodbye.

How many secrets can you keep? Because there is this song that I found that makes me think of you in some way and I put it to repeat until I fall asleep spilling drinks on my couch.

oh, that boy is a scumbag, the best you have ever had.

And those dreams were not as silly as they seemed.

If you like your hot coffee, let me be your coffee maker!

thought about calling after drinking some? Because I always think …

I am always about to end the surprise, take my hands out of your eyes too early.

The reflection in the mirror tells me it’s time to go home, but I’m not ready because you are not by my side.

I get crazy, because it’s not where I want to be and satisfaction seems to be a distant memory.

Now, when she says she will overcome, I think she would just prefer to forget.

Secrets I have kept in my heart are harder to hide than I thought.

do I want to know if this feeling is reciprocal?

I need a companion … Well, are you going out tonight?

And I can’t avoid, all I want to hear her is: You are mine?

Remember when you were more immature?

It seems that I am running against time; I didn’t find everything I expected to find.

Let me be your energy meter and I will never stop working.

Artic Monkeys knows how to pack phases of our life like no other band! To follow in the rock of rock since its origins, also check out Beatles messages and quotes!

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