30 messages and quotes for the day of the mother -in -law who will scorns a smile from his

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Forget that image of tough and boring mother -in -law… loving, they are like a second mother! Those who are lucky to have such a special person in their life, do not exchange for anything. And to honor this amazing person who is part of his family, check out these amazing sentences for mother -in -law!


I can see all the reflexes of my great love on you, my dear mother -in -law!

My mother -in -law is a very special person, after all, she created the person who is the love of my life!

More than mother -in -law, you are a great friend, and I know I can count on you whenever you need it. Happy mother -in -law day!

If you weren’t my mother -in -law, I would choose you as a friend.

I have immense luck to have someone as partner, loving and kind like you. Happy mother -in -law day!

I found in you more than a friend, but a second mother. Congratulations on your day, my dear mother -in -law!

mother-in-law, don’t let it be an ordinary day today, turn it into something special, just as you are!

We play, make fun, but you know: mother -in -law love is unique and very special!

I always wished a great love, what I didn’t know is that I would also get an amazing mother -in -law like you!

mother -in -law is forever! It is your relative by affinity, and even if your marriage dissolves, this bond remains.

My mother -in -law fell from the sky and was not from the broom, but as an angel in my life. Thank you for everything, my friend! Happy mother -in -law’s day.

May God continue to illuminate you and that you are always part of my family. Happy mother -in -law day!

How good it is to be able to count on the affection and support of my second mother. Thanks for being the best mother -in -law in the world!

To have a mother -in -law, which is also a great partner, is being very lucky in life!

If today I have the love of my life is all thanks to you! Happy mother -in -law’s day.

Congratulations, Sogrinha! Have a lot of fun today with Sogaro!

Have a great love and a mother -in -law like you are like winning the lottery!

Dear mother -in -law, thank you for welcoming me like a daughter in your family. You are the best mother -in -law I could want!

Everyone for whom we have affection and who is somehow part of our lives is irreplaceable. I love you, mother -in -law!

Dear mother -in -law, you created someone perfect for me to love! I am forever grateful to this.

Who said that mother -in -law are boring? You are wonderful, I love you!

Happy mother -in -law’s day for you, which is an example of mother and woman!

Happy mother -in -law’s day! You are angry as an jaguar, but you are still a great person with everyone who knows you.

You are a beautiful woman, because in your gaze the beauty of your heart shows. Happy mother -in -law day!

It is really good to have a mother -in -law with whom you can count on all the moments of life. Eternal gratitude!

How lucky mine! Besides finding the love of my life, I still won the best mother -in -law in the world!

That story that mother -in -law is hard to deal with is pure lie. I never received so much affection and affection as I receive from mine!

The best hug and coffee, no doubt, are from my mother -in -law. Happy mother -in -law day!

My mother -in -law is an angel that God sent to make my days better.

Happy mother -in -law’s day! May peace, happiness and love invade your heart every day.

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