30 messages and quotes for tea revelation that celebrate the discovery of the baby’s sex

By: Tranoniq.com

One of the most exciting moments for moms and dads, the revelation of baby’s sex is a source of celebration and will determine or last care until arrival. It doesn’t matter if it will be a boy or girl. After all, love always speaks louder. Celebrate and invite friends to this special day with these beautiful quotes for tea revelation full of joy and anxiety!

Revelation Tea Quotes that are perfect to celebrate this special moment

Dad and Mom are very excited to share with all of you special people, if I’m a girl or boy. We wait for you at Revelation Tea!

What do you think? He or she? We are looking forward to telling! Join us at tea revelation and find out!

We invite you to participate in this important moment of our lives: the revelation of our baby’s sex. We count on your presence!

We are pregnant and we invite you to find out together if a princess or a prince is coming.

Now we are 3! Our baby is coming and we want to share with you the discovery of your sex. We wait for you in our Revelation Tea!

Dad and Mom are happy with me and invite you together, find out if I will be a boy or a girl. I hope you there, huh!

boy or girl? Join us in this joy of revealing the sex of our baby! Enter the mood: if you think you are a boy, come blue, but if you think you are a girl, come pink.

Stork is bringing me to the world. How beautiful! That’s why my parents will make a revelation tea and you are our special guest. I hope you there!

pink or blue, it doesn’t matter: we love you!

Ten little fingers, two little eyes and a nose. Boy or girl? Nobody knows! What matters is the love we already feel.

It doesn’t matter if you will be a boy or a girl, I will be an owl mother for sure!

Dads here can’t wait to know if you will be a prince or a princess, who will be very loved anyway!

Soon we will know the sex of our baby. What a magical moment! We count on your presence!

Mom here is counting the seconds to know if it will be a boy or girl, but, above all, she wants it to come in health!

Boy or Girl: It doesn’t matter! What matters is that it will be the most beloved child in all this world!

We are very anxious to know if we will have a boy or a girl. To celebrate, we want your presence in our Revelation Tea!

The family is growing. And what is coming? A boy or a girl? Shall we find out together? We wait for you in our Revelation Tea!

God gave me the greatest gift in the world to be a mother. And now I will be happy to know if it will be a prince or a princess. Come with us to find out!

A magical and full of color awaits us: participate in our tea revelation and learn the sex of the baby!

Boy or Girl: May it come in health, because love out here has to spare!

Life is a box of surprise and soon the largest of them will be revealed. Don’t miss it! Come with us to find out the sex of our baby!

A child is on his way. We want to know if it will be a boy or girl. And you? Come with us to find out!

My love, I already love you with all my heart! If you will be a girl or boy doesn’t matter, because you are everything I always dreamed.

Be boy or girl, my child will be the happiest, beloved and respected being of this world, because I discovered thanks to this sprout of love that, in me, all overflows!

I don’t care what my baby will be. Boy or girl, he will be loved and very well welcomed!

I feel the heart of mommy accelerate with each passing day. It is so much happiness and anxiety that they do not fit it. So come participate in my revelation tea, okay? She will be very happy!

I can’t wait to get to this world! While I’m in the oven, how about knowing if I will be a boy or girl? I count on your presence in my tea revelation. Soon we will know my name. A kiss!

Hey, do you want to know if I’m going to be a boy or girl? So come celebrate with me and my dads my tea revelation. I hope you there, huh!

There is little to know if I will be a little girl or a little boy, but regardless of what I go, you promise to love me and always be by my side?

My dear child, Dad and Mom are telling the time to find out if you will be a prince or a princess. Anyway, it will be loved unconditionally!

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