30 messages and quotes for stepfather that demonstrate your love for him

By: Tranoniq.com

Having a stepfather can be weird at first, but with time and dedication, that previously strange person in our lives gains our affection and admiration. For many, the stepfather is more than a friend, it is a father that life has given with all his generosity of loving as a family. So, check out our best quotes for stepfather and send that special message to yours!

Quotes for stepfather who thank you for all affection

There is nothing and no one who can tell us that we are not a father and daughter. Thanks for being so amazing and love me so much!

Even if I’m not part of your blood, I know I’m a bit of yours too.

He who becomes stepfather is a different being, what no value can describe.

Thank you, stepfather, for always being with me. I love you, a hug!

More important than a blood bond, we have a link of soul. You are my father with heart and nothing will take it out of me. I love you!

When I realized, you already lived in my heart not only as stepfather, but as a father. Thank you for being the way it is!

We may even have different blood, but the love we feel for each other is from father to son.

Father is the one who gives love, affection and education. You gave me all this and more, gave me a family again! I love you, dear stepfather.

You are one of the most important people in my life. I thank you forever for the love we have received from you over the years.

Stepfather is the father who loves with the heart and, instead of sharing blood, runs in the veins feeling.

You are a reference of a good, full and cheerful person. For me, it’s like a second father. Thank you for everything you do for us!

You are a very special stepfather, I consider you a friend!

Your presence changed our story and I finally got a father for a lifetime!

Father is the one who creates, assumes, protects, teaches, loves, transforms, scolds, advises, laughs and cries together.

I confess that when I met you, I was a little withdrawn. But over time I understood that famous saying: Father is the one who creates.

Dear stepfather, I see in you a great example of father. I love you!

Having a stepfather is like having a best friend that few have a chance to find.

You are more than a stepfather, you are a present and exceptional father!

You didn’t see me born, but it’s been following me from my first steps with all the affection and care.

Know that, in addition to making mom’s days happier, you make mine too! You are much more than a stepfather!

With you I learned to be the person I am today. You taught me everything and I am very happy to call him father!

Dear stepfather, I am very grateful for the family we have today. Thank you for entering our lives!

You were a great gift in our lives and I want you to continue with us forever!

Every day I thank you for having a stepfather like you. I will take all your teachings with me and pass them on to my children, their future grandchildren.

I fill my mouth to say with pride that my father is you! You have my eternal gratitude.

My dear stepfather, I look for examples and found you.

You have become my father of the heart and I am forever grateful for this love.

Thank you for being part of my life and allowing me to be part of yours. I love you!

You welcomed us like your children, your family. Nothing in the world is greater than love and affection we have for you!

I have always heard that father is the one who creates. Know that you are my paternal reference!

stepfather is proof that family is not just blood, but formed by people who cross our lives and who want to have with us forever. Check out our happy family quotes and share good feelings with yours!