30 messages and quotes by Virginia Woolf to deepen the English literature

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A revolution in the literary world, Virginia Woolf became known for her poetic writing and strong social criticism. With nine novels published and thirty books of other genres, it is a source of studies and inspiration for many people. Next, we separated the best messages and quotes from Virginia Woolf for you to check and share with the contacts that also love literature!

30 messages and quotes by Virginia Woolf for those who are a fan of a poetic literature and full of reflections

The more you get older, the more you like indecency.

Will the death finger of landing from time to time in the turmoil of life to prevent him from shattering us? Such will be our condition that we should receive death daily, in small doses, so that we can continue the company of life?

For the philosopher is right by saying that between happiness and melancholy does not measure greater thickness than that of a knife blade.

Thought and Life are like opposite poles.

The truth is that I always like women. I like their lack of conventionalism. I like their integrity. I like their anonymity.

Light the libraries if you want; But there are no gates, no locks, no padlocks with which you will be able to lock the freedom of my thinking.

Was I been too happy for the good of my soul? And is it part of my discontent coming from this feeling?

It had a permanent feeling, looking at the taxis, to be far away, far, far into the sea and alone; It was always invaded by this feeling that it was very, very dangerous to live, even for a day.

We are nauseated just looking at trivial personalities decomposing in the eternity of the newspaper ink.

Our life is uncertainty. A blind man who revolutionizes emptiness in search of a better world whose existence is only an assumption.

This soul, or the life within us, does not match life outside of us.

As soon as we begin to speak, to act with affectation, to dictate laws, we perish. We live, then, to others, not to ourselves.

It is much more difficult to kill a ghost than a reality.

However, the sun was hot. However, we end up surpassing everything. However, always in life one day comes after another.

Death was a challenge. Death was an attempt to communicate; People feeling the impossibility of reaching the center that mystically dodged; the proximity apart; the rapture was gone; We were alone. There was a hug in death.

I see you everywhere, in the stars, in the rivers. For me, you are everything that exists, the reality of everything.

The beauty of the world, which is too early to perish, has two extremes, one of joy, one of anguish, cracking the heart.

Each one has their past closed in itself, just like a book that is known in color, a book from which friends can only read the title.

You find no peace, avoiding life.

The eyes of others are arrests; your thoughts our cells.

But no, Septimus would not kill himself; And she couldn’t talk to anyone. “Septimus has been working too much” – it was the only thing he could say, his own mother. Love makes us lonely, thought.

As in a summer day, the waves form, unbalance and break; form and break; And the whole world seems to be saying ‘this is all’, increasingly severe, until even the heart pulsating in the body extended on the beach under the sun also says: this is everything.

No need to be in a hurry. There is no need to shine. You don’t have to be anyone but yourself.

It is not the catastrophes, murders, deaths, diseases, which are old and kill us; It’s the way people look and laugh, and rush the steps to buses.

In idleness, in dreams, it sometimes emerges this truth that was submerged.

Now I will wrap my anguish within my handkerchief. I will love it in a tight ball.

Tuesday, comes after Monday; Wednesday after Tuesday. Each day spreads the same ripple. Being is growing in rings, like a tree, there are falling leaves.

I make myself and I crumble continuously. Different people take different messages and quotes from me.

Life is like a dream; is the wake up that kills us.

This is a privilege of loneliness: we can do what seems to us well. You can even cry, if no one is looking.

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