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First woman to be part of the Brazilian Academy of Letters, Rachel de Queiroz is one of the most famous names in contemporary national literature. Her debut book, the fifteen, was published when she was 19 and narrates the difficulties of the northeastern people forced to the exodus because of drought, misery and hunger. Learn more about this amazing writer with messages and quotes by Rachel de Queiroz!

messages and quotes by Rachel de Queiroz who will make you dive headlong into the world of northeastern writer

hurts, it always hurts. It just doesn’t hurt after being killed. Because all life is a hurt.

Only people die and leave and never come back. But there is the mistake, nothing comes back anymore, not even the waves of the sea come back; The water is another on each wave.

Living, after all, are the others. What is glory but the applause of others which is power but submission and possibly the love of others? Everything that fills the heart of the successful man is always in relation to others.

I am these people who hurt all because it does not only live on the surface of things.

Die, only one dies alone. The dying is isolates himself in a glass bell jar, he and his agony. Nothing helps or accompany it. Yes, we are born and die alone. But perhaps for that very reason, he wants to live accompanied.

There is a lot of talk about the cruelty and bruteity of medieval man. But will the modern man be better?

is that love is essentially perishable and when it is born it begins to die. Only the beginnings are good.

Child is one of my passions in life. You asked the things I like, child is one of my passions.

After all who can say the rules of what is beautiful in people; A person is not a house or a church, from which the plant is drawn in paper, measures in the ruler, tells the meters and centimeters, adorns with marble and wood drawn and maid brown and then is beautiful … there is no measure none that govern beauty.

I want from life what she has from raw and beautiful. I’m not here for people to like me. I’m here to learn to like every detail I have.

The Northeast has changed. Either way, the northeast of the fifteen, especially the northeast of dry lives changed.

Life I think it teaches sustaining.

From the first day to the last, always this illusion, this mistake: you think you’re living – what! – And all the time you are dying.

strangers are the ways of virtue. And who knows if there is not so much closed soul that, starting to be interested in the dogs, will eventually fall in love with men?

Woman is by definition the specialized childhood interpreter.

Don’t comfort how great and inexhaustible the soul resources of men are?

Unfortunately I do not believe in God. I find it a great poverty not to have a faith. It’s a helplessness, a very big loneliness.

Right to be born, the right to be a boy, to be man, and to love and to generate children right to die among the children and grandchildren, with white hair and the skin engineered, accepting the end … but to die as lived : in peace. This is the dream of today’s world.

We get old and waiting for the new crop … but we don’t have to hurry. Literature is like flowering – bursts spontaneously.

Look, I like the human being, I like humanity, I like my next and I like the distant.

Pity supposes a condition of superiority and we can only pity those who suffer more than us.

From the moment it is born until the time to release the last sigh, what is the first and last feeling of the creature, but the awareness of its own importance?

Rules serve to police what is done, not to create what was not born. And then, if you really have that magic thing, you can break all the rules … They will regenerate new rules, draw a new map, drawing other boundaries – that fit you inside.

I think we have to give the faithful testimony of your time and your people and the conclusions that are drawn.

If you take this life seriously, it’s quite boring. But I live in it all satisfied.

It’s because of this round face of mine, everyone thinks I’m cheerful.

In general, those who have name conquered him with his value.

From childhood innocence to extreme old age, it will continue exactly like that, only attributing interest and greatness to what is in the service of your person and its importance.

I do not believe in marketing as something fundamental in literature. If there is talent, the subject bursts.

Romance is like pregnancy. It is inside you, growing up, bothering you, until you leave.

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