30 messages and quotes by Nina Simone to honor this great artist

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Nina Simone was an important American singer, songwriter and pianist. Black woman, she fought her whole life for black civil rights through her statements, songs and compositions loaded with powerful messages and reflections. With an unmistakable voice, it is considered to this day as one of the biggest names in jazz. Get to know this example of inspiration with the best messages and quotes of Nina Simone and share!

Nina Simone messages and quotes that are synonymous with strength and empowerment

Life is short. People are not easy to know. They are not easy to know, so if you do not tell them as you feel, you will not get anywhere, I feel.

It’s a new beginning, it’s a new day, it’s a new life for me and I’m feeling good.

You need to learn to get up from the table when love is no longer being served.

We are allowed to be exactly who we are.

Just try to do your best. Get up and count on all the others.

My job is somehow to make them curious enough to be aware of themselves and where they came from.

You cannot avoid. The duty of an artist, regarding me, is to reflect the times.

In this crucial time in our lives, when everything is so desperate, when every day is a matter of survival, I think it is impossible for you not to get involved.

When I invest time in young people of colleges, I know I will be returned, because when I come doing something important, I will say: Well, I was part of it.

I had no choice, there is no way to live at this time, in this country and not get involved.

For me we are the most beautiful creatures in the world, black people, every way, outside and inside.

Here comes the sun, darling, here comes the sun and I say: everything is fine.

You don’t have to live by my side, just give me my freedom.

I would like to be able to do all the things I can do and when I got to the limit, it would start all over again.

This is the world you have built, now you will have to live in it.

They need me and when I am needed, I need to help.

We black we have a culture that is not overcome by any other civilization, but we know nothing about it.

If you sometimes see me crazy, don’t you know that anyone alive can always be an angel?

Love me or let me and let me be alone.

I wish I could break all the currents that hold me.

Well, I’m just a soul whose intentions are good.

You have to learn from difficult experiences and take some as advice.

I’m just human, don’t you know that I make mistakes like everyone?

I would like you to know what it means to be who I am. Then you would see and agree that every man should be free.

I tell you what freedom means to me: not being afraid.

I spent many years pursuing excellence, because that’s what classical music is guided. Now I dedicate myself to freedom, which is much more important.

My love doesn’t care whoever it is, my love only cares about me.

slavery has never been abolished in the American way of thinking.

I would like to share all the love in my heart. Remove all barriers that keep us separate.

I want my whole life to be lived with you.

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