30 messages and quotes by Michel Foucault that mark the thoughts of this philosopher

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One of the contemporary philosophers who shaped modern thinking, Michel Foucault was born in France in 1926 and died in 1984. ”Watching and punishing” is a milestone in philosophy that analyzes the penitentiary system and power relations. For those who like more theoretical and critical subjects, the tip is to check out this list with the best messages and quotes of Michel Foucault!

Michel Foucault sentences perfect for those who like philosophical themes

On all sides, madness fascinates man.

There are moments in life where the question of knowing if one can think differently from what you think, and perceive differently from what you see, it is indispensable to continue to look or reflect.

Discourse is not simply what translates the struggles or systems of domination, but why, therefore, the power of which we want to seize.

is struggled.

The new is not what is said, but in the event around you.

Every educational system is a political way of maintaining or modifying the adequacy of discourses with the knowledge and powers they cause.

Fiction is not to see the invisible, but to make it see to what extent is the invisibility of the visible.

the soul, prison of the body.

From man to true man, the way passes through the crazy man.

We need to solve our secret monsters, our clandestine wounds, our hidden insanity.

There is no anguish or fantasy behind happiness, this is we tolerate anymore.

Couldn’t everyone become a work of art? Why should a lamp or house be an art object, not our life?

The lights that discovered freedoms also invented the disciplines.

What is not regulated for the generation or transfigured by it has no eira, no border, no law. No verb either. It is at the same time expelled, denied and reduced to silence.

The problem is not changing the “conscience” of people, or what they have in their minds, but the political, economic, institutional production of truth production.

The diploma only serves to constitute a kind of mercantile value of knowledge. This also allows non -diploma to be entitled to have no right to know or not be able to know. All people who acquire a diploma know that it serves nothing to them, has no content, is empty. On the other hand, those who have no diploma give them a full meaning. I think the diploma was done precisely to those who don’t have it.

You have to be a hero to face the morals of your time.

Desire and institution are concerned about what discourse is in its material reality of pronounced or written.

man and vanity move the world.

Where there is power, there is resistance.

We live in a society that largely marches ‘the compass of truth’ – that is, which produces and circulate discourses that function as truth, that go through such and that hold, therefore, specific powers. P>

It may seem strange that the prison is similar to factories, schools, barracks, hospitals; Do they all look like prisons?

Psychology can never tell the truth about madness, for it is the madness that holds the truth of psychology.

Oedipus did not blinded himself by guilt, but for excessive information.

When I think, he said as soon as he read or listened, when I think of this phrase that will leave for eternity without me perhaps not fully understood.

For all happiness is no longer, perhaps, that happiness of expression.

In short, we have to admit that this power exerts more than you have.

I am not a prophet. My job is to make windows where before there were walls.

The new is not what is said, but in the event around you.

Instead of taking the word, I would like to be wrapped in and taken well beyond every start possible.

The problems of madness rotate around the materiality of the soul.

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