30 messages and quotes by Lygia Fagundes Telles that resemble the works of the writer

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Lygia Fagundes Telles is a great Brazilian writer, novelist and short story writer. He started writing still very young, launching his first short story book at age 15. His works speak of the female universe, life in big cities, social problems and love. To be enchanted by one of the biggest names in Brazilian literature, check out messages and quotes by Lygia Fagundes Telles!

messages and quotes by Lygia Fagundes Telles to know her most famous writings

Solitude is disgusting.

I don’t think it’s wonderful to grow old. We get older in the ward, because there is no other way, I’ve been to so many water stations, I have drunk from so many sources – where the source of youth, where?

Much more important than being loved is to love, did you hear well? This is what distinguishes us from this paper weight that you will please leave it on the table before it breaks, yes?

Read me while I’m hot.

Beauty is neither in the morning light nor in the shadow of the night. Is in the twilight, in this midst, in this uncertainty.

I wrote that all my life converged to him and that it was only his to radiate from today.

Women want freedom to follow the vocation.

I want to tell you that we human creatures, we live a lot (or stop living) according to the imaginations generated by our fear.

Knowing how to interpret what he reads, the student organizes ideas and produces good text. The rest is talk, false theory.

I have a vocation for joy, but it is a poorly fulfilled vocation.

With their unruly discipline, lovers are different beings and the different being is excluded because it becomes challenge, threat.

If love in their absolute donation makes them more fragile, at the same time protects them as an armor.

If it is true that all art is a search, in this search is our salvation.

There are no completely good people or completely bad people, everything is mixed and separation is impossible.

wanted so much to go out rejoicing people, look, don’t be sad, hold my hand and come with me that I show you the garden of joy with God inside, come!

We will not cut our wrists, on the contrary, we will sew with double line all open wounds.

I tried to be modern, but it didn’t. It is sensual the relationship I have with my typewriter.

Solitude was star loneliness … But if it is difficult to carry loneliness, even harder it is to carry a company. The company resists, the company has an iron health! Everything can end around and the company remains firm.

I want to be alone. I really like people, but sometimes I have this voracious need to break free from everyone.

I didn’t know yet that it would remain infinite in the memory of my finitude.

I approach people as a thief who approaches a safe, the fingers, sharp to discover, grip, the secret.

since it is necessary to accept life, that is boldly.

Evil is in the mankind itself, no one provides. Sometimes we get better.

The boy then smiles and not even the fiercest enemy will resist this smile of those who offer so without defense.

I wanted all people to be more happy, it’s so good to be happy.

better solution is not to go crazy more than we have already gone crazy, not so much for virtue, but by calculation.

I enrich in solitude: I get smart, graceful and not ugly resentful that looks at me from the bottom of the mirror.

The truth, my dear, is that life, the world always doubles to our decisions.

Life and its craft so difficult. And no one next door to receive all human beings, this in the last years of your life without much illusion …

Do not ask the mystery to the mystery or logical piece to the absurd.

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