30 messages and quotes by Lulu Santos to remember his great successes

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Lulu Santos is an important singer, composer, music producer and Brazilian instrumentalist, considered one of the biggest names in national pop. With a solid career filled with great hits, she delights everyone with her lyrics and compositions. To get to know the great classics of this amazing artist, check out Lulu Santos’s best messages and quotes. Choose your favorite and share!

Lulu Santos messages and quotes who are poetry in the form of music

Life comes in waves, like a sea, on and going infinite.

I see a new beginning of Age, of thin, elegant and sincere people. With skill to say more than not.

and we live together, and we get along. We don’t want to badly to almost anyone!

Life goes by slowly and we go so suddenly. So suddenly you don’t miss what has passed.

When a certain someone arouses the feeling, it is better not to resist and surrender.

I like you so much that I prefer to hide. I leave it like this, be understood.

Girl, I’m going to California, live life on the waves. I will be a movie artist, my destiny is to be Star.

as an idea that exists in the head and has no obligation to happen.

And there is no time when it comes back, love! Let’s live everything that is to live, let’s allow ourselves.

I didn’t ask to be born, I wasn’t born to lose. I won’t even be left with a victim of the circumstances.

We are made to each other, you can believe. That’s why I’m here and there is no logic that makes it to go down what chance decides.

There would be no sound if there was no silence. There would be no light if it weren’t for darkness. Life is anyway. Day and night, no but yes.

Everything you see is not the same as what we saw a second. Everything changes all the time in the world!

I want to believe in love in a good one. That this is worth anyone, who perform the strength that has a passion.

You are just like me, you know what it is to be like. Only this story, no one knows the end.

It will still take a while to close what hurt inside. Naturally, it is so, both for you and me.

and we go to fight and know the pain. We consider all form of love fair!

may even seem weakness, for it is weakness then. The joy that gives me, this will without me saying.

When a certain someone crossed your way and changed your direction.

is very good in cinema. Romance of the ideal romance, let’s just leave it combined: here is real life!

NOTHING What was will be again the way it was once, everything goes by, everything will always pass!

Thus humanity walks, with ant footsteps and unwilling.

I’m plugged in my life, I’m healing the wound. Sometimes I feel a stray bullet.

I won’t say it was bad, it wasn’t that good either. Don’t imagine I want you badly, just don’t want you anymore.

It’s no use running away, not even lying to yourself now. There is so much life out there!

The wind kisses my hair, the waves lick my legs, the sun hugs my body. My heart sings happy!

I wanted to avoid your eyes, but I couldn’t react. I feel comfortable then, I think it’s silly to pretend, denying the intention.

It was good to see you again here, we really had so much reason to follow.

Life goes slowly and we go so suddenly, suddenly you don’t feel, miss what has passed.

If tomorrow is nothing of it, it will be up to me to forget. What I get, what I lose, nobody needs to know.

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