30 messages and quotes by Luís de Camões to venture into his verses

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Born in Lisbon (1524-1579), the poet Luís Vaz de Camões was known mainly by his literary work of a high aesthetic standard. Living in the period of the Renaissance, its production moved through the lyrical, epic and theatrical genres. So, see these and other elements present in your books with the most amazing messages and quotes of Luís de Camões we selected below!

Louis de Camões’ messages and quotes that present their best poems

So soon pass everything that passes! Dies! Everything is so little! Nothing is known, everything is imagined.

Promote and do not comply? For without fulfilling, everything is nothing. You are not well advised; that who promises, lie, what you lose do not feel it.

Who does not know art, does not estimate it.

love and know how to love… love with your heart and not with your head.

The amateur is transformed into the beloved thing, for virtue of much imagining. I have no more than desire, because I have the desired part in me.

that sad and dawn, full of hurt and pity, as long as there is longing in the world, I want to always be celebrated.

Pain used to it does not feel.

The weak king makes the strong people weak.

I will sing with love so sweet, for some terms in such concerted, that two thousand valentine accidents make your chest you don’t feel.

The good I’ve always seen serious torments in the world, and to be amazed, the wicked I’ve always seen swimming in the sea of ​​contentment.

Against the sky they are not worth hands.

Constancy is due to all glory.

Love is fire that burns without seeing, it is wounded that hurts and does not feel, it is a disgruntled contentment, it is pain that disinatures without hurting.

Impossible things, it is better to forget them to want them.

Just a bad friar to give to a convent.

A low love for strong weakens.

She saw the hurt words, which could make the fire cold and give rest to the condemned souls.

It is weakness between sheep being a lion.

It is better to try it on, but judge it who cannot try it.

The times change, the wills change, the being changes, the confidence changes; Everyone is composed of change, always taking new qualities.

I’m sorry for what I see.

In the large dangers, fear is often larger than danger.

Love is one, it cannot be broken.

Anyway, I will end up and summer everyone who was so fond of my homeland that I was not only content to die in it, but with her.

Love is a care that you get to get lost.

Love with your opposites is added.

Who wanted, always could.

True affection in the long absence proves.

After procelic storm, nocturnal shadow and sibulant wind, it brings the morning serene clarity, hope of port and rescue.

ah, love… Born I don’t know where, I don’t know how, and it hurts I don’t know why.

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